Florida Power & Light [FPL]monopoly robbing people blind

S Mar 08, 2017 Review updated:

I am disgusted with the way that FPL handles there "customer care" I had my wallet stolen and had to freeze my account making me unable to pay the normal time. So to further "punish" me FPL has charged me a large "deposit" on top of a fee for being late... and the amounts are different I received an email saying I owed 229.41... I got charged $264.41 ... I don't know about you but those numbers are just are not the same... And to top it off I have to pay now with the exact same account I was using before but I am now charged a fee to use it... I was enrolled in automatic bill pay with the same account...I wish I could take my service elsewhere.


A displeased customer who is now searching for a way to live off the grid.


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      Jul 27, 2017

    Fpl is horrible. I was using auto pay and had changed banks. I manually paid with the new account after the normal payment failed. I contacted fpl and got them to straighten it out. Then the following month my payment didn't go through because they didn't straighten it out. I am no longer allowed to use auto pay because I had 2 failed payments and now have to pay a $400 deposit to them. I pay every month when I should and have never had my power turned off.

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