Florida Power & Light [FPL] / I am complaint about the promises services.

Hollywood, FL, United States
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After 10 tickets we don't have no power. No FPL man came at my home. My husband and my brother have stopped one FPL truck and asked him to help us.

Whenever we call FPL they put us on the waiting list. We even had an emergency and no one came. They tell us all the time the next available technician will be there. Nobody has come. I have a lot of name,
Samuel (Supervisor), Mr. Finley (Supervisor), K. Mdetdo???? (Supervisor) ...
Mrs. Dolores (Supervisor).

We lost a lot of hours. We have job and lost a lot of hours because we need
to stay at the house.

The first time they are suppose to come for wire down and trees . Very dangerous., They never came . My meters need to be change. Sparkle in my box. 3 mans came at my house and tell us that this is not the responsibilities at them .

After catching a guy, he said, that incredible FPL cannot make nothing before. This guy work for FPL. This guy change the meters but after half hours we have sparkling again. We call again and nobody help us. All the time, is about the ticket.

Sep 20, 2017

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