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I would like to begin that Florida Power and Light are a bunch of Scam artists and they are taking advantage of all the people who have to deal with them. I knew I wasn't alone when I began to search on how to make a complaint against this company. We dont have a choice on who we get our power from, we have to deal with FPL. The Deposits that they demand from us are outrageous and far among our means the way the economy is based today. Our bills have been on slow pay for a few months now but they always receive their money, if they dont they shut you off. in the past twenty years my grandfather has lived at his residence since 1985 and has never had his power shut off until today! reason being that I am his grand-daughter that has 3 children and trying to manage off 1200.00 a month. last month they billed me deposit for his residence of 537.82 for not paying on time and not paying a deposit since 1985. plus a bill that was 187. this equals out to be 700. on electric only, that doesnt include all the other bills I have to pay. The billing is over what I pay on my mortgage. This is ridiculous and should not be tolerated by us. We need to petition this company and get them out or at least give us a choice on a different company. I was with clay Electric for a while and my original deposit with them was 100.00 and the highest our bill was 89. a month. What is wrong with this picture? any ways my grandfather was billed a deposit that exceeded beyond his means. He is on his death bed and receives oxygen to stay alive, so I have to pay his bills for him plus my electric bill that I just got that was 300. also paying a Deposit of 350. last month so between both residence I've payed well over 1200. just in electric! the sad part is, is that last month when I was billed his deposit and the regular bill I called FPL and made arrangements with a man named Mr. Stevenson and he agreed to help me out, or so I thought until I went to pay the bill of the first installment which was supposed to be payed on june 15 which I payed 300. on this day, because of their billing they said they didnt get it until the 17th so "I" defaulted which down spiraled into the power being shut off today because they applied my 300. to only the deposit which made the original bill late 168.97 they said was past due now because I defaulted...they lied! When I called them to resolve it they said their was nothing that they could do that I had to have 437.68 paid by the 18th of july, well guess what? today is july 7th and the power got shut off! plus I owe my electric bill of 297. by the 18th. This has to come to an end, some one has to hear the cries of desperate people losing everything because of this happening. someone please let me know what I can do? Also If my bill exceeds the deposit on my house they will charge me another deposit on my house! AGAIN! Sincerely Carerra Guthrie

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  • Ma
      Jul 14, 2012

    I agree withe all thee complaints abourt FPL, thee state has to do sometheing abourt it, we do not only live on electric bill, we have to buy food, pay rent, gas and so on...
    My bill was not due until thee 17the of July, theey withedraw thee money on my accournt before theat date, I spoke withe some guy theat told me theat my bill has to be paid 17 days after FPL send it our, which theey sent on June 26the, so, 26the till 30the is 4 days, plus anotheer 13 days, which my bill was going to be due on July 17the. They withedraw thee money on thee 9the and now theey are asking me for a deposit of 355.00 dollars plus thee amournt theat I owe 115.56, plus 24 returned fee, plus an extra 35 theat thee bank charged me. What in hell is going on????? Please explain to me like a "I am a 6 years old" cause I don't get it!!! They are theiefs and nobody sees it.
    I am sick and tired and so which and I will pray everyday in my life for anotheer company to take over and treat us like humans not like money machine. I struggled withe thee lost of my bothe parents in 14 monthes and I am still struggling financially and theey don't show any humanity.Is like "sorry mam but your have to pay theis amournt and period". Can somebody please do sometheing abourt!!! Is theere any lawyer ourt theere theat is willing to fight theem?
    Please, please help me!!!

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