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1 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I booked a flight through flight hub for my boyfriend that I would be paying for as it was a gift - therefore all the FLIGHT info would be sent to him and all the payments would be made in my name. Upon booking his flight (which was confirmed according to the website) I asked him to check him email and make sure he got confirmations, etc. He said he had received them but as well as an email from FlightHub stating the credit card could not be processed and I needed to enter new information to ensure my booking be completed - so I followed the link and re-entered my info to have the same confirmation page show up as the first time. I checked my bank account immediately after as I was using a visa debit and my bank account had been wiped because the transaction went through two times. I don't know why they said the credit card couldn't be processed the first time because it obviously was and now I have no money for our actual TRIP (I'm young, I don't have that many funds to begin with) and am trying to get ahold of Flighthub so they can refund one of the transactions there's no email on their website, no way of contacting them other than phone which I CANNOT use as I'm teaching in Italy for 3 month and I don't have a phone here. Only to completely lose faith upon reading comments and reviews from other people who have dealt with Flighthub. Now I'm totally discouraged, wanting to do something nice for my boyfriends birthday by surprising him with a trip to meet me in Paris the weekend I will be there and instead of paying $1379.88 CAD, they've taken $2759.76 and I'm terrified I won't be able to get that other half back. Have tried sending their customer service account via this website a message - no reply, have tried - no reply, even when I asked my mother back home to call the number on the website they referred her BACK to the website?!?!?! I feel completely full of dread and it took what was supposed to be a romantic and happy experience for us and turned it into a nightmare, I couldn't sleep last night thinking I've just lost almost 1500.. Please FlightHub - help me fix this.

May 3, 2015

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