Flighthub / ticket cancelled

Toronto, ON, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 6477703707

I booked a flight to go home on 11th December, 2014. My flight Reference number is : [protected]. On the night before that I got very sick and I unfortunately could not travel. So I cancelled the ticket and I was told that I get a full credit to use to book another ticket to the same place and I have room to use the ticket for a year.

I have been trying to use my credit and all flighthub agents have done is put me on hold for 40 to 30 minutes and then cancel the call.All the times they have promised to call back and they never do.The customer service agents are not only very rude but inconsiderate of their customer's time. I have been exchanging between me and my boyfriend to call them but to no avail.

I am not stranded between just giving up that ticket with all the amount it cost and just give up and may be never see my family this Christmas season and my sick mum.

It is my credit that I paid for, all I want is to use it to book a new ticket but flighthub has done nothing but stress me even more without any kind of help. I have called and spoken to different customer service who all of them have done nothing at all to assist. I am lost, I am sad and mad at how they are treating me and my own money.

Dec 15, 2014

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