Flighthub / cancellation/poor service


Worst experience ever. First and LAST time booking with Flighthub.

I cancelled my ticket over the phone and voluntarily incurred a $250 cancellation charge which the agent informed me of. However, I was surprised to be charged another $150 which I was not informed of. As such, I have been calling Flighthub for roughly a month now and they claim to be getting the call recording and will respond within 48 hours (this is what they say everytime I call), but obviously they have not done so.

Another thing is I have emailed [protected] to request for an invoice/receipt of the cancellation charges, which Flighthub told me over the phone that they could provide me with. Similarly, it's been roughly a month and I still have yet to receive it.

EXTREMELY displeased with the service I am receiving.

May 17, 2015

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