Flighthub Airplane Ticket / cancellation refund money

Toronto, ON, Canada

I purchased the light ticket with FlightHub from April 2014. Due to the lost of one of the family member I had to cancel the ticket around July 2014. Since then, I have tried to contact and been asking for the refund which is $1501.24 CA. Every time I called, they said the refund is under the process and would take 2 billing cycles( 4-8 weeks) of waiting. So i waited and waited until today I called again asking about it. The agent lady said it was refunded on January 10, 2015. I checked my banking account, there is nothing. I asked her to email the proof of payment she told me It is better if I call and talk to another agent tomorrow. I have been waiting for my refund until today February, 2015 and haven't received any amount of refund from FlightHub. I am a student. The money is a lot for me. I'm writing this and hoping the organization could help with my complaint. I have learned my experience and would never use FlightHub again.

Feb 12, 2015

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