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Flagstar Bank Mortgage / avoid flee flagstar bank!

1 United States

We have had a home mortgage with Flagstar for about a year now and pay our monthly payment through on-line bill pay with another bank. I paid the February bill on 1/20 and then I paid the March bill on 2/16. On 2/20 Flagstar called and asked us if we were planning on paying our February bill since they did not receive it. I explained to them that I did pay the bill and I would check with my bank to find out what happened. In the mean time we received a statement on 2/21 for $43.77 in late fees. My bank got back to me on 2/22 and told me the check that they issued for my payment was never cashed. They put a stop payment on the check and said I should re-issue a payment to Flagstar. I called Flagstar and informed them of this and asked if the late fees could be waived, since I did pay the bill and I have never had a late payment before. They told me that there was no way they could do this since it was not their fault that they did not get my payment. I then called my bank and spoke with the on-line bill pay person. She said that she could not understand why Flagstar was being so unreasonable and she initiated a conference call with a Flagstar representative and myself. She explained the details to the Flagstar representative and asked if the late fees could be waived. Their response was the same as to me---No Way!!! She then asked if we could speak to a manager but we were told that there were no managers to speak to. There was however, a manager where we could send a letter in writing to and dispute the fees. Apparently this manager is too busy to speak with customers on the phone. I guess with the service that we received, if they let everyone talk to the manager he would probably be on the phone 24/7. The very next day we received a letter in the mail stating that if they did not receive our February payment by the end of February it would mean that we have failed to honor our mortgage obligation and that the payment must be received by then to avoid default. 28 days in February!!!! and they are threatening default. Oh, the last line of the letter says we would truly like to hear from you and are here to work with you, So let's work together. What a bunch of baloney!!! Please don't make the same mistake we did. Avoid/Run away from/ Flee Flagstar Bank.

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