Fitness First / racism

L3/4 Devlin Street Ryde NSW 2112 Australia, Australia Review updated:

Im half japanese and colombian and I have heard that fitness first is one of the best gyms in australia therefore I wanted to sign up and ask questions about membership. I went to top ryde fitness first with my bf and one of the staffs members claimed to be the club manager name is will (top ryde platinum). As soon as we entered fitness first we spoke very well english as I have studied bachelor degree here in australia and mostly speaking with english. The claim to be the club manager stright away started giving a bad attitude and stopped me from talking and asked where I am from just because of the appearance and accent. Basically I couldnt ask anything and ask uim why to be racist with me just because of my english or accent and he started to laugh and saying : see thats why we are not explaining to you anything. I got so angey tried to remain calm and left the gym. Few min later I wanted to entered to speak up of my rights and I talked to his employees and other staffs who witness the incident and they agreed with me about how rude and racist was this guy (manager). I was fully angry that I started to swear and even more to the racist guy. Tbh this is so shame that fitness first has a manager that is giving really bad reputation to this gym and he should not be the manager! What kind of person is that? I woukd pike to sue him or the gym. This guy does not have any respect or values or dignity and not being a human being! I took videos showing the staffs who witnessed and pic of him. Im so sad about this incident and he is not a good example to be a manager!

Jan 30, 2019
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  • Be
      30th of Jan, 2019

    I call BS on your speaking well in English and having Bachelors. Your review has many spelling and grammar mistakes that a ten year old would not make. Technically since you accused him of racism without any proof he can sue you.

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  • Mr
      30th of Jan, 2019

    ehhh… this is Australia. they don't 'do' political correctness.

    learn that, don't go there if you have a problem with your bottom not being kissed everywhere you turn.

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