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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Today (10.01.17) me and my son visited your gym at Motorcity Dubai in the late afternoon.

We were being escorted by your gym representatives at Motorcity when my son had a hard fall on the floor. This was caused by water that was on the floor, this caused him to slip on his buttocks/ lower back and elbow. Instantly he was quite tearful and its caused him pain, which was recognised by the representative that was showing us around.

I questioned health and safety as there were no appropriate signs on display. He advised that he would fetch the manager. When the manager arrived he apologised for the incident and then tried to justify that he cant to control this type of situation, he solely cant look out for these types of problems. At this stage i clearly pointed out several personal trainers and team members in red tops around that area and all of which were not busy. He tried to convince me that they were all busy with clients, however this was clearly not the case as I could see them and pointed this out to him straightaway.

The manager stated that my son looked okay- how would he know this without even acknowledging him. I asked my son the question directly infront of the manager and representatives and my son clearly stated he was in pain. The manager requested if he could look at the injured area and the manager lifted his shirt and right away he stated that there were no injuries as there are no visible marks. I stated that as a personal trainer he would be aware that these kinds of injuries do not show instantly. The manager offered his contact number - should I need to speak to him. He tried to glaze over the issue by stating that we could train together but this was highly inappropriate for what had just occurred.

Whilst returning home my son has been complaining about pain and so I decided to contact the gym. When I asked for the Head Office number, I was declined and only offered a call centre general number. After several demands they put me in contact with another member - who provided me with the email address. During my conversation with Gym, the representatives answering the call - Staff have confirmed that no incidents logs have been completed and she would be completing this once the call was completed. She was unsure why this was not completed by the duty manager, whilst I was on site.

Quite clearly this is a case of healthy and safety negligence and failure address the issue at hand properly and comply with safety regulations.

I even met up with C level manager and i was told Fitness First are not taking any liability and refuse to accept responsibility.

Jan 24, 2017

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