Fitness Firstcharging money after cancellation of membership

I wish to inform you my unsatisfactory experience so far and of some anti-consumer practices followed at fitness first bahrain.

I have joined them during a "special offer" in sept 2016. They pushed me to either pay at one time of commit or paying in 12 installments which they will deduct from my credit card for a year membership. I took the installments option on credit card. They told me that in this memebership they will give me 1 mnth free as this was the special offer going on that time. Looking at the location and the brand I understood it stood for, after brief inspection of the equipment, etc. I joined for a year membership.

After joining of 3 mnths n paying 39 bd I requested them to please cancel my memebership as I have to shift to india for some personal reason. They said ok and asked me to pay the 40% of the remaing amount. Ie. 125 bd and also asked me to show the ticket copy. I did all the procedure. And after cmng to india they again deducted amout for jan from my cc. They r not supposed to do this. , when they alraedy took the 40% amount.

My husband is still in bharain and he is following up with problem. But everytime only one statement they give that, they are investigating the problem its been 13 days now still they r investigating. And not a reply from their side. Everytime my husband is calling. My husband also made online complaint to the dubai branch. Only once they called back but now no reply.
I am calling from india also. Whenever I have tried to ask for an explanation, no one in the staff has been able to provide any comforting answers. When I asked her whom to contact to complain, because I don't want to pay for remaining months that I am not using the gym, she said I cannot change anything since they have my signature, and no matter where I complain, they will not be affected by only one single member

There the staff is not good. Whenever my husband called to talk to manager everytime they gave different answer he is busy or he is out or give ur no we will call back. They never gave me the contract copy but they took the 40% from me. But my question is wen they take 40% amount when theycancell the membership then how come they can say that ur memebership is not cancelled. Neither they r giving my money back nor they r cancelling my membership.. Their service is really hopeless. I am really unsatissfied by this fitness first.

I am really disappointed to end it with such a great place like this, angry, frustrated and feeling abused and cheated. Although it is one of the best gym places world wide but “being materialistic and cost too much for what they offer” is the existing reputation of fitness-first here in bahrain.
Fitness first is the worst gym ever and provide worst customer service. They are nothing but liars n thieves. I am going to tell everyone how pathetic, arrogant and non-customer focused this company is. When I joined the gym, they never gave me contract in spite of asking several times.

If I do not receive the full refund which they deducted from my credit card I will take great pleasure in sharing my experience on facebook, twitter and every forum site available to show my treatment and forwarding to every friend, family and people I know to ensure it is seen by as many people as possible

Jan 13, 2017

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