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Our 4 year old Fisher Paykel wall oven has been nothing but trouble. The cleaning cycle let the oven get so hot that it set off the smoke detector, exterior burned my hand while trying to turn it off, and burned the electronics so bad that it shut off the oven and left the door locked. Once the oven cooled it would not come on, nor can we open the oven. Fisher Paykel will not reply other than to say it is out of warranty. A $ 2500.00 oven lasts 4 years and nearly catches our home on fire from the cleaning cycle set by the factroy. We are persuing legal action, Others should as well.


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      Sep 02, 2009
    Fisher Paykel - Bad customer service
    Fisher Paykel
    United States

    Talk about appliances from hell and customer service to match!!!

    Starting with the washer, I have had a drain pump, controller, diverter valve, a second drain pump and wire harness, a cold valve, a hot valve, motor controller and display board replaced. (All repairs were done over only a year's time). The washer works well now, however the dryer continues to leave black streaks on clothing. I have had the front bearing repair kit, replaced 4 times. F and P picked up the tab for parts and labor the last 2 times. Two weeks ago, the streaks showed up again. I spoke with Steve Haber, the technical services rep and he said that he would "switch out" the offending dryer for a new one. A couple days later F and P customer service called with an offer for me to buy a new dryer for $398. A new model costs $469. What happened to the free dryer?? I asked if they could send me the part again and I was told "we have already spent too much on this dryer" Incredible customer service, don't you think? I spoke with Steve Haber again on August 20th, and he said not to be concerned, he would still get me a replacement. I have called back 3 times this week and he refuses to return my calls. The local appliance repair shop called me to follow up (now there's customer service). I told them what had occurred and they said they would fax Steve Haber a message to please contact me. And, they offered to sell me a new dryer (NOT a Fisher Paykel), for a nice.

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      Jun 26, 2010
    Fisher Paykel - Beware
    Fisher Paykel
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    Beware if your Fisher Paykel product needs service. Service and parts are hard to come by. They have only a few service companies in one of the largeest metro areas (DC). Service is slow and getting parts can take a long time if they have to come by boat from New Zealand. We have a double oven that between the srrvice company not being able to diagnose the problem, replacing the wrong parts, and then FP sending the wrong parts - it was OUT OF SERVICE FOR ALMOST 4 MONTHS! Their 800 line was pleasant enough but did nothing - did not follow up with us nor cared about the fact that we had a $3500 oven that did not work for months. Glitzy products - but BE VERY CAREFUL before you buy any Fisher Paykel products to see if they have service in your area.

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