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Complaints & Reviews

arm & hammer advanced white extreme whitening

I've never used the tooth paste before and tried it for the first time last week. First day of use I noticed dry mouth, 2nd day of use dry mouth and burning started, 3rd day my entire mouth was swollen and felt on fire. Tongue, lips, gums, and burned even more anytime I ate or drank. I thought maybe it was dry mouth syndrome. I decided day before yesterday to get new paste, brush and biotene to rinse with. My mouth is already feeling better. I can still feel the burning a tiny bit but the dryness and swelling has gone down. Worst experience with one of your products.

arm & hammer advance toothpaste

I have been using the Arm & Hammer Advance Toothpaste for a week 1/2 and now my lips/gums are irritated and swollen. My lips are burned along with the corners of my mouth. When I try to eat, drink or brush my teeth my mouth feel like it's on fire. I looked up other reviews and saw other postings with the same reactions. I don't understand with this product is still on the market being sold in stores.

arm & hammer advance toothpaste
arm & hammer advance toothpaste
arm & hammer advance toothpaste
arm & hammer advance toothpaste
arm & hammer advance toothpaste
arm & hammer advance toothpaste

  • SubSquirrel Sep 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What ingredients are in this toothpaste that differs from other brands?

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arm and hammer peroxide/baking soda toothpaste

I used this product on tuesday, it is now friday and I have blisters and intense pain in my mouth, especially under my tongue and inside my bottom lip. My bottom lip feels chapped and hot. I have not used the product since. I have never experienced anything like this before, and I have used this product multiple times in the past. I am in alot of pain.

Arm & Hammer Advance White extreme whitening toothpaste

I started using Arm & Hammer Advance White extreme whitening toothpaste nearly a week ago. It's the yellow...

arm and hammer peroxicare

My mom started using the Arm and Hammer Peroxicare and after two days of using this toothpaste, she came home with puffy lips, dry cracking corners on her mouth, and under her tongue was really painful! We thought she was having an allergic reaction from food or something and did not think to connect it to the toothpaste until we determined that the only different thing she did was use this toothpaste. She has discontinued use for 3 days and her lips are still really red and also the skin around lips are still red. Corners of her mouth are still cracking and under her tongue still hurts. There is a whole other forum of people that also used this product and experienced the same symptoms. This product is HORRIBLE and should not be on grocery shelves. The Peroxide is what's causing the reaction. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. I will be reaching out to Arm and Hammer and I highly encourage everyone else that suffered from this product to do the same.

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whitening toothpaste

I have been hospitalized for a swollen tongue and had allergy test done and couldn't figure out what was causing the swelling. After continued use of the toothpaste, I developed sores in my mouth, cracked and dry patchy lips. My daughter developed discolored skin in her chin from this toothpaste as well. This toothpaste must be removed from the shelves immediately.

arm and hammer toothpaste

The past two years I had been breaking up with a really bad skin reaction on my chin and lips. I thought I was going through a hormonal changes but all along it was the toothpaste. I would alternate tooth paste every month and now looking back i would break out when in me using the arm and hammer tooth past. I was finally able to pin point the issue that it had to be the tooth paste. I have gone through a lot of pain and physical face discoloration and embarrassing moments. [protected] [protected]

arm and hammer toothpaste
arm and hammer toothpaste

  • SubSquirrel Jun 27, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You’re apparently allergic to an ingredients in their toothpaste. Did you compare ingredients to find out the problem? Do you think that you’re the only person who has an issue since I’ve not read of anyone else having this problem

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arm and hammer toothpaste

Arm and Hammer toothpaste has completely burned my lips. My lips became very dry and the skin on them began to peel off. Soon I realized the only change to my normal tooth-brushing routine was the use of Arm and Hammer toothpaste. I have discontinued it and yet two or three weeks later, my lips still are not healed. They are extremely dry and still peeling with the outer edges of my lips looking like I got a chemical burn. There are so many complaints about this toothpaste and it's disgusting that Arm and Hammer would release such a below standard and damaging product.

arm & hammer peroxicare toothpaste

I've been using Arm & Hammer PeroxiCare for about a year [protected]); however, recently I've developed discomfort and swelling on the inside of my mouth and tongue; angular cheilitis at the corners of my mouth; and cracked, peeling, and discolored lips. Either something changed with the product or it just took awhile for side effects to manifest. With all the other complaints similar, if not identical, to mine, I'm thinking it took some time for my symptoms to get bad enough to make me take serious notice. The product is not safe for internal use and it's barely safe for use externally. If it gets in your eyes, there's a good chance for permanent damage. If I had known my favorite toothpaste could make me blind, I would have wore safety goggles while brushing. Now that my mouth is fried, I'll try something less hazardous anyway.

arm & hammer periocare

I used Arm and Hammer Periocare Toothpaste a few days ago inadvertently and still experiencing a burning...

arm and hammer peroxi-care toothpaste

This product created burns and blisters on the inside of my mouth and lips. It hurts to chew and eat and continues to be painful after two weeks. The uncomfortable burn in my mouth has also taken the taste away from the food Im trying to consume, a horrible experience. This product should be pulled and further investigated asap to avoid anyone else from experiencing the same.

How when do we hear back?

arm & hammer laundry detergent for sensitive skin

Seem to be having reactions to this laundry detergent, (Arm & Hammer, Sensitive Skin) are your product...

arm and hammer / pet fresh carpet odour eliminator

I recently purchased the pet fresh arm & hammer odor eliminator, I used it twice within the first week. We...

Allergic Reaction

I recently bought Arm and Hammer's Pet Fresh Odor Eliminator to freshen up my carpets, as I have a new...

Burned my mouth

Arm and Hammer Peroxi-Care... my mouth and lips starting getting numb after a couple of days of using thi...

liquid detergent bottles

II love your liquid laundry detergent...all flavors...but, can you please do something about the measuring caps on the bottles? Dark blue liquid in a dark blue cap makes it very difficult to see any measuring lines...same with the green. Why not clear, or white caps, with black measuring lines. I know my eyesight may not be what it used to be, but I do lots of washing and would love to continue using your products.
Thank you.

  • Ka
    KathyLe Feb 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would love to recommend to you an awesome laundry detergent that doesn't contain chemicals. Not only is it better for the environment but better for your clothes. Since I have started to use this detergent, the lint in my dryer has decreased significantly. Also you can get a pump dispenser which eliminates the need for measuring and eliminates the chances of spilling. If you want to know what this great product is go to I would love to share it with you.

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it was supposed to be one box of cloths and it iturned out to be a membership to buy detergent and cloths for 11.99 a moth plus shipping of approx. 4.99!!! I turmed off my iinternet and hope the offer did not take

  • Ho
    Howard Mar 31, 2009

    The stores around where I live stopped selling these products I have used these since they came available and now can't find the products in the stores I am very disappointed I don't like the other brands..Did you stop making these??

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  • Kc
    kcgill Jun 03, 2009

    Good luck! I ordered one box free, p&h charge of 3.99 They sent 3 boxes and then said I marked 3 on the order form that I was sitting there looking at that had one marked and to charge my cc of 3.99

    They then said oh sorry, just an error "somewhere" and you can keep the 2 extra boxes and here is a partial refund of the extra $20 we charged you!.

    No, no and no. Thank goodness my spouse is an investigator for the atty general's office, if I dont' get my refund in a week, they're gonna be reported.

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  • El
    elizabeth mccarthy Jun 19, 2019

    arma and hammer extea whitening toothpaste MAY be the reason for my extreme dry mouth and burning gums. I am not sure yet. Will discontinue use and see.
    Mouth and gums feel swollen and red.

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  • Li
    Lillianne Aug 28, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Brushed my teeth this morning with arm and hammer toothpaste and the upper and lower walls of my mouth got burned. I couldn't even use my mouthwash as it was hurting so bad . I thought it was the toothbrush but it is not, it's the toothpaste. Will discontinue.

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Resolved Scam, unauthorized charges

They had a deal for a free box of the wet dryer cloths and you only pay $3.99 for the shipping. This is ALL I ordered from them, YET they charged me $15.58!!!

I called and they claimed I ordered additional items. I argued that I DID NOT. I have a confirmation email from them that states my order was for ONE free box and the charge was the $3.99 shipping.

THEY ARE A SCAM!!! Watch out!!

  • Wg
    WGPW Jun 03, 2009

    I just tried to order from this site before I saw this complaint, and the website was down. Thank you for the info, I'll NOT be ordering these online.

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  • Kc
    kcgill Jun 03, 2009

    Same problem here

    I'm reporting them to the atty general office

    They claim I will get a credit but their computer was down right now

    Yeah right! What a shame, I sure like the cloths.

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  • Li
    Liz S. Jun 11, 2009

    Just saw the Ad Offer on TV.though this would be a great product.I am glad I went into consumer notes which all seam to be negitive. I for one will not be ordering this item.Thanks to all for the warnings.

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  • De
    dee griffith Jun 16, 2009

    I saw the ad on tv i went to the internet and to my surprise, it was a scam to get you to buy their products. Thank You Internet.

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  • Ky
    kyteach74 Jun 19, 2009

    I think some of you went to the wrong site...

    The first one that pops up online (Google) is this:

    THAT IS NOT THE ARM AND HAMMER SITE, that is the crooked one. To be ensured of correct purchasing, you need to go to the page that they identify on the site:

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  • Kc
    kcgill Jun 22, 2009

    Both of those links take you to the same place, the one I ordered from. STAY AWAY! As matter of fact, the second link posted is the one I actually used.

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