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On July 10, 2018 My family I received a letter from a United States service.I opened the letter and it said they were sorry to hear of the death of the family member. Other
businesses received the same. I lost money I was entitled to, friends, and just plain folks, looking, acting like I was a crazy old person loosing my memory. I got it straight
but am still a lot of laughter, everywhere I go, I am greeted as, " the crazy old woman who came back from the dead. "

  • Updated by Nelda Teague, Dec 03, 2018

    My bank has been through hell and back for me. Do not criticize them. They did everything they could to help me.
    Social Security went through the ceiling. I lost access to all my $959.00 a month checks, even after I went to Social Security and gave them everything they needed. It still came back on me from every direction, and the bank continued on to support me, letters, phone calls., mostly my visits to them. It has gone on and on even with our own. It is my understanding that Social Security was notified on July 10, 2018 My family wasn't notified that I was dead until
    early August. Some, very few of PCH supported me because of my high tokens, not keeping in mind the high number of hours that I worked 7 days a week, for months, or all the people I contacted that was only their recorded messages.

Dec 03, 2018

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