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First Gulf Bank / first gulf bank loan

1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

Hello All,
Having delayed payments myself because of my current financial crisis, I have been receiving threatening calls from the FGB collection department. These threatening calls include that they will send the police/cid in my workplace. Go to our HR and make a big problem for me and assures me that I'd lose my job etc...etc.. You know the standard hardball tactics they use to strike fear to you. I have missed three installments ..but been trying to catch up with my payments.
But my question here is did anybody actually got jailed for having missed three installments????

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  • Ma
      8th of Aug, 2009
    First Gulf Bank - Annual Fee
    United Arab Emirates

    Last year a sales person from FGB came to me for selling CC. He told that the card is absolutelly free and I took the card. This year in the last CC statement a sum of AED 250/-came as the annual fee. I enquired/ complaint agaist this and they are telling the Annual fee is applicable. PLS advice.

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  • Ra
      11th of Apr, 2011

    Thanks Mellen67, actually It's my wife who lost her job. We've been trying to make ends meet with only my salary for 5 months now. That's the reason for my delay in payments. I tried to explain this to the collectors but it seem like you're talking to a brick wall. They offer no solution whatsoever and could not come to terms with them. I have a very good track record before this happened but they don't care about that at all. I am willing to pay what I owe them if they only give me time to recover. Do you know anybody that got jailed for this?... It seems that nobody is actually getting arrested. Maybe with this assuring thought I can think more clearly.

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  • Ra
      26th of Apr, 2011

    Thanks Mellen67.

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  • Na
      7th of May, 2011

    can anyone mail me how do i file a case against FGB. They have charged me 25, 000 dhs towards late payment fees and not willing to sort out my account. Can someone guide me how to go about this whole thing. My email address is [protected]

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  • In
      12th of Jun, 2011

    I have been jailed and seen lot of inmates police case from FGB.. Mellen67 is correct they cannot arrest you but they can file a case and put you to jail.. it is CID or Police that will catch you.
    There is no explanation for this freakin bank.. as other bank eases and make plans for their customers FGB will offer you a trapped .. a payment plan w/ high interest plus another security check which they will use again in your failure to pay.. there is no explanation for this Godlike Bank same goes with RBS( now ADCB) same tactics ..they will send people to humiliate you in the office.. they can make scenario and will irritate your office that can lead to termination as he will braodcast your debt to all co workers.. FGB told me there is no early settlement there because they are local bank. No option and no solution to harassing calls from this bank.. they have send a lot of people inside jail they dont care ... goverment dubai cannot do anything about it.. it seems like FGB, RBS, HSBC, DUNIA, NBD are more powerful than the ruling family in UAE because they are srewing workers and destroying expat life to the debt trap they offered to customers.

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  • Lo
      30th of Nov, 2011

    Do not trust this bank they will do anything for money and if they have you arrested and convicted they can claim the security cheque amount from insurance so it is in their best interests to file against you and believe me they will in the end so be careful. If they suddenly call you and they seem to be too nice on the phone and requesting you to go to the bank so that they can discuss your problem, don't go, they will have the CID there waiting for you, this is a tactic they have used before. Don't think that they talk to you like ### for 3 months and suddenly they want to help you. They can't be trusted, if you can just keep paying, keep a low profile and don't go near the bank.

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  • Su
      16th of Jul, 2012

    borrow money from any other source and pay fgb cc amt and then ask for emi plan in fgb

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  • Sa
      29th of Apr, 2013

    we have the same case for this, and sad to say my visa is not released because of it cause they already file a case against me. now that i can pay the previous amount due for 6mos, they still ask me to find a guarantor? what the use? are these bank cant understand that how can we pay them if i cannot work properly because of my visa is on hold? is there any other options to do? please help


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  • Zt
      23rd of Jun, 2013

    hi i would like to ask if imiss 1 month payment actually i am just delay for 1 week and they calling me that need to pay in the same day, and i will having a 3 week vacation in other country em i going to have a travel ban reharding this matter?

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  • Sa
      5th of Nov, 2013
    First Gulf Bank - Unauthorisd Activation of INsurance Pan
    United Arab Emirates
    Phone: 0566736901

    First Gulf Bank activating an insurance plan related with (salary secure plan )without taking the permission of i lost 1000AED from my account so i need to deactivate that plan and want my money back.expecting a good responce from FGB.

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  • Su
      10th of May, 2015

    previous week my husband did suicide attempt me nd my kids luckily he is ok now only d reason first gulf bank.harassing callsssss MY GOD

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