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First Gulf Bank / beware!

1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

First gulf bank is really the worst next to rbs bank. Last year, I remember them calling me and telling me they don't care if I commit suicide as long as I pay the debt I owe them. Then sometime in may 2010, collections called me and was asking me where I am getting the money to pay the loan.. And I told this person that it's none of his business where i'm getting the money to pay the june 2010 same person called me about my loan payment, and I was explaining to him it's going to be a bit delayed and he told me to shut up, I told him right back that he should shut up too because he had no right to tell me to shut up.

September 26, 2010 - sumesh of first gulf bank with mobile number: [protected] called me again for my loan payment. I asked him to wait for 3 more days as my due date is on the 29th of the month. He told me that I don't pay the loan, he can make more trouble for me. I told him, fine, do it as if I don't have a police case against me. Then he said he will not do that.

September 27, 2010 - bala of fgb collections called my husband and was asking him to come to their office in deira so my husband can enter and sign a settlement agreement with the bank with regards to his outstanding balance of 4000 dhs. I told my husband he should not come, and we will pay the full outstanding balance.

September 28, 2010 - same person called my husband and was asking why he didn't come. My husband told him that he already settled the debt and paid it in full that night. This person got irritated for some reason, and this is what he said to my husband:

Bala: why did you do that? Why did you pay? I'm not asking you to pay. I'm asking you to come here. You have six months pending, there is legal case against you blah blah blah...

Husband: what six months pending? I already pain in full last night. Can you give me your fax number so I can fax my receipt?

Really... What a #! You don't pay... They harass you. You pay all your outstanding balances... They get angry with you. Collections people are this really so hard up in getting their commissions?

October 03, 2010 - another collections agent from fgb called me today and is asking me to restructure my loan, they will include my two credit cards master card and makkah card with the loan so it will be only a single account. I told him straight out that i'm not interested as I was fooled last year by this restructuring program wherein I payed an additional 16k dhs which I am not using. I learned my lesson from last year that's why I told him leave it as it is, given the time I can close the months pending on the account. Then he started shouting at me and is talking to me in a very rude tone of voice and he even bragged about being the manager of this sumesh person...

Is it right for collections agency to force you into some settlement in which you do not want? Can I sue them in court for this? By the way, I had the call recorded when the bank called me...

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  • Ye
      24th of Jun, 2010

    These people are so arogent to get thier incentives.
    If they go for a case
    let them go
    U know the law people are so gentle here thet they can understand things
    u can even sue them if they harrass u
    they are not supposed to call u on ur office place that is a third party to u.
    Collectors are prohibited from communicating with third parties. The consumer’s spouse, parent (if the consumer is a minor) guardian, executor or administrator are not considered to be third parties.
    No communication at any unusual time or place. In the absence of other knowledge, the law assumes that after 8:00 a.m. and before 9:00 p.m. is the only convenient time.
    No communication with consumer if the collector knows the consumer is represented by an attorney. Communication must then be with the attorney.
    No communication at consumer’s place of employment if the collector knows or has reason to know that the employer prohibits such communication.
    If the consumer notifies the collector in writing that s/he refuses to pay the debt or wishes the collector to cease communication, the collector must cease communication with limited exceptions:
    to advise the consumer that the collector’s further efforts are being terminated;
    to notify consumer that the collector or creditor may invoke specified remedies;
    where applicable, to notify the consumer that the collector intends to invoke a specified remedy.
    The collector can still sue on the debt. This section limits further communications

    pls note this...

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  • To
      6th of Sep, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    First Gulf Bank is the worst bank I have ever seen. The collection agents are just like criminals,

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  • So
      22nd of Nov, 2010

    Recently, I've had the same experience with FGB and had recorded a conversation with the collector calling me a criminal. He gave a threat that I am going to lose my job within 24 hours but he told me that if I can make a payment of AED 1, 100 within 1 hour then he will remove everything that I have said in his head and won't take any legal action against me (his pride just cost 1, 100). He have nothing to remove in his head because it's not me who's shouting so rude and he never give me a chance to say anything. He seems so excited to recite his scripted lines . After our concersation he called at the reception informing that CID is coming after 30mins to pick me...imagine?
    If only collectors's children can hear how their father threat people to collect to have a high commission, I am sure they will never eat a single bread that their father brings in thier table.

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  • To
      19th of Mar, 2018

    @SophiaW It is true ...I don't know these people has a karma ...It will renounce to them in their life..

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  • Ja
      22nd of Mar, 2011

    They are all animals. They are sick.

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  • Ra
      10th of Apr, 2011

    Hello All,
    Having delayed payments myself because of my current financial crisis, I have been receiving threatening calls from the FGB collection department. These threatening calls include that they will send the police/cid in my workplace. Go to our HR and make a big problem for me and assures me that I'd lose my job etc...etc.. You know the standard hardball tactics they use to strike fear to you. I have missed three installments ..but been trying to catch up with my payments.
    But my question here is did anybody actually got jailed for having missed three installments????

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  • Sa
      13th of Apr, 2011

    Hey, These uys use the word [censored] OFF, [censored] U...frequently even to females. Beware of calles from this number 0502776911. He is the one who used this words to my wife and i have raised a compalint to police. This guy already is a criminal and he plays here also the same thing. Undertsnad onething that, even after agreeing the payment will start from next month onwards, he even threatened me and said he will send cid to my office and addressed me as [censor]. What a culture for the FGB collection guys??

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  • Na
      16th of Apr, 2011

    Is there anyway we can file a case against fgb which will be cheap and resonable. They have files a case against me for no reasons at all. I have being paying my installament monthly and more then what they have asked. My installaments are completed and now they are demanding 25, 000 dhs as late payment fees. No other bank does this. Can one directly go to the court and file case. How much would it cost. Can any on advice me on [protected]

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  • Sw
      31st of Mar, 2012

    Hi Guys

    I have a credit card with first gulf bank these guys are calling again and again i am unable to make the payments and im into alot of stress they just keep demanding they are really abusive and thetening I just dont know how to make them understand that I really dont have money to pay these guys since my salary is really not sufficient to pay the bills I just wanna know wht can i do in order to get this sorted out when I ask them for a payment plan they are not interested in giving me a payment plan im just going crazy and into alot of stress I wanna know will this guys put me in the jail can they take any legal action on me please let me know wht i can do in order to get this sorted out please send me an email regarding the same on [protected] this will really be a great help pleaseeeeeeeee.

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  • Ra
      4th of Jun, 2012

    I am using credit cards for the last 4 years and fgb card is the best card i have come across, only If u are paying in time . Else all banks are same. the people in collection departments are like that only. I had same experience from Barclays and Mashreq. Mashreq even put me in jail for one day. So pay your dues in time, then all credit cards are ok.other wise they will cry for their money. think if some one borrows money from you and if he didn't pay back what will be your attitude.?? may be worser than these

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  • Sh
      6th of Apr, 2017

    @ramshi no one in this world will become defaulter if they have money to pay. It is the situation and financial position makes them defaulter.
    stop giving philosophy people comment to help and not to add spice.

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  • Su
      5th of Jul, 2012

    Hey all, I had some bitter talk with FGB personnel, I rememeber that words still.

    FGB personnel I had taken total 25000 AED from FGB bank by loan and I have paid 26000 AED when I was there in UAE, but unfortunately I lost my job and whenI took loan from Bank the bank personnel told me that "I can make some amount as credit shield and insurance and if you lost that job then Bank will be taking amount Insurance company", this was the condition.

    I am willing to pay my remaining 9000 AED but I have some conditionssssssss [protected] is my mail id and please send me an offer so I can pay money in two instalments ASAP.

    Regards, SUJITHH S

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  • Vi
      8th of Nov, 2012

    SUJITH S PILLAI seems to be an employee of fgb...they are the most worse bank in universe.All of the employees, customer care executives, sales executives... all are total waste. so my advice is not get any credit card from fgb. i recommend RAK.

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  • Pa
      20th of Aug, 2013

    Actually FGB offered me 90% of the card limit if i apply for quick cash when i apply for a credit card. They also told me that if you take quick cash you will get higher card limit and also the card will be free of cost. I was really misguided by the sales guy. He also told me that i can go for pre closure at any time before by just paying 1 % of the pendings. Now i have money to clear my total outstanding but they are saying to pay the Interest also. Which comes to 6156 AED. Can anyone help what shall i do?

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  • Sa
      22nd of Sep, 2013

    I had been forced to take credit card by fgb representatives... Unfortunately, i've taken the card as he confirmed that it is a life time free card... since then i've not even used that card... but suddenly i saw an email saying that i have an outstanding of 900+ AED... When i have opened the statement, it was already a due statement with late payment charges... Then i've recollected all my old statements and then found that the charges were against the annual membership fee of 500 AED... Within 2 months it was accummulated as 900 AED+... I've called the person who has sold the card to me and informed... He was replying that it was charged wrongly and he has taken up the case with his boss... After that he did not pick my call... After waiting 1 week, i've lodged the request in customer care to cancel the charges and close the card... fgb customer care did not accept my request saying the charges can't be reverted... Then i've informed them that i'm leaving country... Then immediately, they accepted the request... After two days, one lady called me and said i need to pay the full amount to close the card... I was informing her that the charges were debited wrongly and the same is not applicable... But she was telling, if you have any writen statements from bank, pls give and i'll close it. Then after arguing for 15 minutes, she was telling to pay 189AED... I said, i've not even used the card and why should i pay... She was telling that "since i have not informed bank immediately after receiving the annual membership fee statement, it has accumulated to 900 AED. So it is the customer mistake on not notifying the bank on wrong charges... I got angry and said, i can't pay a single fills and pls take legal action... She said, u can go anywhere but u have to come to me only to close the card... Then the next statement came where i surprised to see that all my charges are reverted... Then only i understood the rude and irresponsible behaviour of bank employees... They tried me in all the ways to steal money from me... Hence it is always better to be away from credit cards especially FGB... Pls raise the warning to all...

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  • Ba
      10th of Oct, 2013

    Dear All,

    Please all go to the Central Bank Website and all file a complaint against FGB if you like by filling in the form. The Central Bank is very helpful and will deal with any illegal behaviour. Complaint form at:

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  • Ba
      10th of Oct, 2013

    By the way Under Section 1 of UAE Central Bank Law no10 it is illegal for any employee of a bank to call you from their private mobile.

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  • Fg
      19th of Oct, 2013

    Same story that i experienced in fgb collector, as i remembered last may 2010 i lost my job because of the company is closed. i don't have money for my monthly payment. Somebody called me and asking to pay i explained to them the reason and its my first time that i delayed my payment. The way she spoke with me is unethical, unpolite. They keep telling me that cid will come in my place if i will not pay my bills so harassing. i received a call in one day for more than 10x just to remind me.. Really worst bank ever... Every body knows there obligation but there is some problem encounter unexpected so hopefully they will understand people...

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  • Al
      29th of Oct, 2013

    Dear all,
    Somebody offered me to apply FGB Master card for free with no annual service charge or so ever what happen in the future means no obligation no charge, since I found lot of complaint about FGB services I decided not to activate the Card even though they tried so hard to convinced me with their promotions means I did not activate that Master Credit Card but, today I received the statement in my mobile SMS that I have to pay my due of Dhs.500.00 before 16th of November 2013, How this things happened they are charging me for nothing or they activated my Card without my knowledge.? Anyone knows better how to deal with it?, I'm just newbees on these matter please advice me. Thank you.

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  • Gu
      21st of Dec, 2013

    As my friend wants to know How the Insurance company will pay Back the the Banker, In case of Credit Shield Claim has been approved by them. Euqal amount of outstanding balance when the event happened Or Everymonths Outstanding Balance of the Credit Card.

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  • Bi
      31st of Dec, 2013

    There is a credit card misrepresntation is going on.
    For First gulf bank, thier credit cards are free for the first year, Agent you conned me to take a card from him gave a misrepresenation that card is free for life and i got the card. Now after one year, i have to pay AED 550/- as annual charges before 5th of January 2014, Agent told me that he want to achieve his target and please help him etc and with a helping mentality i took the card. i have noteven activated the card till date, but am forced to pay the annual fees.
    Please note that FGB have a 'annual fees reversal department' and so it gives doubt that it is a well planned operation, beware.
    They wll reverse the charges but it is conditional that i have to opt for quick cash at an interest rate oc c10 p.a etc. Nonsense, beware
    i decided to pay the charges and cancel my card .

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  • Sh
      20th of Jan, 2014
    United Arab Emirates
    Phone: 0529979464

    Hi . my name is Sheraz Ahmad Bhat, i am holding a credit card with FIRST GULF BANK, at the begining of this month(7th January 2014) i have requested to increase the credit card limit, , i have provided all the documents which the executive have told me to sent, under reference no. SR4614134. but after 8 to 10 day i was asked to proviode the original payslips, which i have provided under reference no. SR4649735., but on 20 th of January 2014 i got a call that they need salary certificate as they will not accept the given payslips, i dont know what is the problem if the payslips original & atamped by the company, i am really disappointed with the services of FIRST GULF BANK, what they are doing to customers, what they did to me as i was the existing customer of FIRST GULF BANK .such a headache they give to a busy person in this century also, i cant tell, other banks are giving topups on passport & visa, bank statment,

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