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I found this first data company from sam's club, sam's is a big company, I allways trust big company, on dec. 2009, I was looking for a credith card machine for my buisiness, 1 day at sam's, the cashier told me that if I upgrade my membership to plus, I can gat a free machine and no charge for monthly fee, so I upgrade it and come to fine down I only gat a pin pad free, it ok I might be mis understood, now I need a machine, I call and speek to a rep, she told me that I can buy 1 or lease 1, and recoment me to lease 1, she say if I lease, if it broke they'll fixt it for free, so I lease 1, and I say I only needed for one year, she say ok i'll lease it to you for one year, she email me the lease agreement that was like 50 page long, i'm not good in english, I read slow, and all the team and date are blank, but I trusted sam's club, big company will do me right, so I say ok, and she told me that just go to the bothom of the page and click ok, so I click ok, than she send me the machine, I only used this machine for 3 weeks, my business is seasonal. 12 month later I call the company to tell them I need to return the machine, they say that your lease is 48 months, I say no, I sign the lease for 1 year, they put me on hold, 1 minute later another person come and told me to send back the machine, and they will send me a emty box with return address, week later the box come, I put the machin [it still looks spenking brand new] carefuly in to the box and mail it back, 3 months later I look on my bank account they still charge me very month $69.99. I call them up they say they have recieve the box and is in good condition, but your lease still have 36 month to go, I say I only sign 1 year lease, they say even thou I have no machine they still charge me for the rest of the 36 month, that's crazy! It is cheating, I stop payment on my bank account, the bank say only stop for 6 month, and not geranty for after 6 month, I might have to close this account and open a new one; the last 5 month they call me everyday and want to see me in cout, I don't mind to go to the cout.
Now I don't trust sam's club, they are togeter.
Don't do buisiness with these company, when you see (First data) stay away from them.
Thank you for reading my story.
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