First Data Global Leasing / fraud & steal

2611 w glenlake # I, Chicago, IL, US

My name long h doan, my business name 4 season nails, 8313 s pulaski, chicago il 06/04/2009 my equipment I leased from first data is broken, I called them, I want they send to me a new equipment, after that they mail to me a letter, they tell with me, if I want change the new one, I have to recontract with them & I must return the old one I used, because I have to run my business, I must say yes (but I want to sale my business too) so that I recontract with them only 02 years and return the broken equipment for them already. After that I sold my business already. After that in few month later I sold my shop & I called themm I want cancel they service and close my account and close everything for me, they said yes, but first I must return for them the new equipment right at once & they will close for me. I did everything via ups in office depot. Suddenly I received a letter from them (first data) they received the equipment already but I still have the new contract with them in 04 years, I must pay for them in full they have two option for me, first pay full in one time, second pay each month until I pay full. I'm very very surprsed, I called them I said I recontract with them only 02 years they said they don't know, and they said they contract always 04 years, and they will send to me a bill everymonth, and I have to pay $39.95 / month, until I pay full. After fill month they stop send to me the bill payment & started post into my bank account (my personnal account) without notice, without authorization, > I called them don't do that but they kept quiet, never answer for me. I called them many time but I never contact with them again, I go to my bank (chase bank) asked the custome service, how can I stop them, my bank told me they can not stop them, they can help me a little hold them only few month. My banki told the best way I can do is close my account and open new account but I don't want do that, I say only $39.95 I can pay after that they chaged into my account every 10/23/2012 they sent to me a letter tell me they will cycle the lease with them and must pay $10.20 for the 2011 tax year. I' m very angry and called them stop that I never re contract with them, the lady in their company (first data) told me I pay full alreaqdy, I said that good, I said with her I want cancel & close everything for me now, she said : ok, she did it. After that in 11/08/2012 make sure I called them again, another lady told me everything ok they closed already, but in 11/10/2012 I check my bank account they still post into my bank account again but they charged more money ($60.35). I called them and this time more differenence lady said with let her check again and stop the phone line right at once in three days I called them many time but I never contact with them again. Right now I want close my bank account for stopping them > I don't want they steal my money again. Can you help me, tell them for me. Thank you (my english not really good). My email : [protected]

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