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First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation / Unresponsive to request for service

1 P.O. Box 10180Van Nuys 914100180, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1.800.444.9030

This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with and encourage anyone reading this to immediately cancel any business connection!

In October, 2008 I purchased a home with a First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation warranty as part of the deal. I quickly found out they do not cover MOST problems encountered in an existing home. It was also was a surprise to find out their operators are only authorized to DENY claims.
I have now been waiting three weeks to get a water leak, caused by a bad pipe inside a wall, fixed after it was initially approved. The leak continues to cause peripheral damage - WHICH IS NOT COVERED!!! - but I have no choice if I want the plumbing repair paid for and fixed. I have already paid a $60 fee to have plumber come to investigate and do not wish to waste that money.
I have contacted their '800' number (waiting over 2.5 hours on one call and an average of 1.5 hours on all the others!!!), and been lied to twice with "opeators" claiming they contacted the plumber when in fact, they had NOT.
It is obvious to me that a home warranty from this company is WORTHLESS!!!

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  • Sh
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    AC went out 11:30pm 7/4/09! Contacted First American placed claim; due to holiday weekend Monday called local contractor named Accurate Air Conditioning-Katy TX. They never returned my call and had voicemail on and I finally got through Wed. Dispatcher said there was 200+ people ahead of me. Okay, so when can I see technician I asked? 1.5-2 weeks. (I live in Dallas TX-2 story colonial where you cannot survive without AC. Elderly father coming to stay for 4-6 months whom is 88 yrs old.) Continued to call First American to go through proper channels to push contractor-Accurate.

    Bottom line: After Accurate blew two fan motors by using cheap universal motor where they should have used the two HP motor; and after weeks between service calls; and blowing motors/capacitors and adding hardware never needed-finally First American assigned different contractor late July.

    Second contractor came out three times and cut wires; added wires and were drunk and hung over. said it must go back to Accurate after three calls. First American didn't expedite or care that we were 27 days without AC. First American offered to pay $250 then 12 days later $50 for a fan. Wow! They care don't they. So now we are back to original incompetent non-caring contractor-Accurate. They come out Five days later (2 days were Sat/Sun) and NOW WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE UNIT AT ALL Friday, simply say we need a 'New Unit'. New unit as of Monday was ready and waiting and Accurate said they would call with status. Understand I am nice and begging at this point at 37-tonight 30 days without AC. Have asked nicely for First American to expedite contractor...they fax them. Then called contractor; they either don't return messages or have voicemail.

    I bought 2 12, 000BTU portable AC units one week after first issue; then two separate window models. With a two story colonial; elderly father; two large breed dogs and cat I can't just 'go to a hotel'; can't just camp at someone's house.

    I have taken my father and both animals to emergency due to heat stroke; and I have been too nice.

    I am beginning law suit against First American for their non-responsiveness and lack of procedures for AC issues. I am starting law suit of the untrained; stupidity and laxiness of Accurate Air Conditioning and that they have guys and dispatchers that have no moral code.

    Additionally I have filed complaints with the National AC Commission under the FCC and the Better Business Bureau.

    FIRST AMERICAN should be put out of business and sadly they could do right by customers...39 days without AC in TEXAS are you kidding me????

  • Tu
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    I am suing them personnaly, without the cost of lawyer.

    Call me and I will tell you how. Bruce, 423-838-2115

    I am trying to get their TN Business License #.

    Area manager is Maryanne Page, 1-800-698-0422- 7802, Cell 869-406-8273.

    I will serve the subpeona to appear in court personnaly, and would be glad to serve theirs as well.

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