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First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation / Can't Fix Dryer and Won't Replace Dryer

1 MS, United States

This company is a money hungry scam service. My dryer, included in policy, is old and last two years only worked on Low Heat with the timer set to Normal. Timer wouldn't move but I could still dry clothes, just used microwave timer. Sears came out, took dryer apart, said heating element looked bad, put it back together and the dryer no longer worked at all. This was after I paid them $60 for service call. Sears had to order part (a week to ship they said) and then I had to schedule another appt. which took another week for them to come out. He installed the heating element and left. Happily, I throw load of clothes in to to dry and within 30 minutes dryer is blowing nothing but cold air! I called Sears back and the warranty company complaining. They said I could have a second contractor come look at dryer and if it couldn't be fixed it would be replaced.

I wait two days for call from second co. and then a week for him to come out. I tried periodically throughout the week to turn on dryer to no avail. I even tried hours before dude came and it didn't work. All he does is stick a thermostat inside the dryer and turn it on. Low and behold it worked! He registered heat on all settings. He said it worked fine and left. I put a load of clothes in and the DAMN thing doesn't blow hot air! Again I call warranty company with complaint. They only said they would have the guy come out again. I talked to the dude myself that same night and he said he would be there the next morning between 8am and 12pm. I miss work to wait. And wait. And wait. I call warranty company that guy is a no show. They try calling him, I try calling him, no one can get him on phone! So later that night he calls and says he has to order thermostats for dryer.

The second contractor orders new thermostats for the dryer and after two weeks of not hearing from him I call again. He has them and says will be out in a few days. I have missed work each time these guys come ( and sit around house wasting my time waiting for them). I'm not home when he comes and he comes and puts them in while son is home. I come home, do some laundry, and put them in dryer. Oh! Can you believe it? After 30 min the dryer stops blowing hot air! WTF! I play around with the dial and buttons, randomly setting temp to Low to Hight, timer to 30 min, to Permanent Press to Regular. Sometimes it would heat but then it would soon stop. Took me 3 hours to dry one load of wash!!!

I call warranty company again. They keep telling me that if tech can't find a problem when he is there then they can't authorize a replacement dryer. It's been two months!!! Now they sending another tech from same company. I asked for SEARS but they refused and said I could not use them again. So now I will have to wait two days to hear from company to call me to set up appt. which I'm sure will be a week from now! I talked to the superviser and got nowhere. I asked for the email to the corporation and she said there was none! I did get the CEO's name, and I will search the Web for way to contact him. Company's website has no real complaint section and the complaints, according to sup, only go to one dept and are sat on. Great! I told her this is the last month I am doing business with them. I am cancelling my insurance with them. If I would have just bought a new dryer from the start I would have saved money, time, and lots and lots of aggravation!

Beware this company! They are crooks. I also used them over the summer to find out why my AC wasn't cooling house. Tech said the builders put blower on side of house in attic instead of center of house and there was nothing he could do to get AC to cool back rooms! Wasted $60 there too!

Beware! Beware!


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