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I called First American Home Buyers Protection to arrange a service appointment for a problem in my AC (it is not cooling) last November. First American Home Buyers dispatched the request to Jet a service company who called me to schedule an appointment on November 10th 8-10am.

I had a meeting at noon and needed to leave my home around 11:00am. By 10:00am, the service technician still hasn't showed up. I called Jet Plumbing Heating and Electric and told them that if the technician couldn't show up by 10:30am we would need to schedule. I was told that the technician was on his way and would be there shortly. At 10:40am, I called again and requested a schedule because I didn't think the AC issue could be resolved within such a short time.

The service technician called around 11:00am. I told him he didn't need to come because I was about to go to work. The service technician showed up in front of my door ten minutes later, when I was about to leave home. I said I needed to go, but the technician insisted and said he would only need to take a quick look. In less than 5 minutes, the technician concluded that it's the air filter problem. I told him it wasn't because I tried it with a new air filter but it didn't work. I told him if he had a new air filter which could prove it working then I would be convinced. He said he didn't have one but insisted that I should install one myself and try it again. He then asked me to pay for the service fee. I told him that I was not going to pay because there was no service done.

I called First American Home Buyers Protection the next day and complained about the incident. They said they would follow up with the service company and call me back. I later decided not to renew the protection plan with First American Home Buyers Protection. The only time they called me back was from their sales department to ask why I didn't renew. I brought up the incident and the sales agent said it wasn't her area but she could follow up for me. I didn't receive any other call from First American Home Buyers so I thought the case was settled.

I recently received a service fee invoice in the amount of $55 from First American Home Buyers Protection (I actually didn’t realize there was a bill sent to me in Feb until Apr because First American Home Buyers kept sending me renewal letters so I accidentally denied that bill). I called them on April 12, 2010 and asked why I was billed for no service. They told me that it is on the service agreement that the customer needs to pay for the service fee as long as the service technician shows up.

I called on April 13, 2010 again and this time I was able to speak with a supervisor. She appeared to be helpful at the beginning and informed me that the service company was not responsive and they’re no longer on their list. However, after putting me on hold for a couple of minutes, she came back and told me that because First American Home Buyers Protection had already issued the payment after they received the invoice, I had to pay for the amount due. She went on to deny my request of follow up on November 11th and told me that I was the one who was supposed to call them back according to their system record. She denied my request for a company email where I could write formal complaint letter. She would only give me a fax or a physical mailing address. But what are the uses of these? They’ll just end up like the phone complaints I made which I had no proof of filing.

I think the whole incident is ridiculous. It's very unfair to the customer because my AC is still not working as of today. First American Home Buyers Protection committed to follow up the dispute when I first complained on November 11th. In fact, all they did was to send me a bill.

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      13th of Apr, 2010

    Did you purchase the warranty through a home sale or through a real estate agent? If you did, call the agent and make them call the local rep and make it right! For future, call or go online to It costs a little more but they are the best, hands down. What happened to you was a crock and you should have made that guy leave and come back. A filter? You need to file a complaint against that idiot heat and air nut.

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