Firestone Complete Auto Caremanagers lie to you and employees

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I recently started a new job in Clarksville, TN at the local Firestone Complete Auto Care. The second day on the job Scott Baker (Store Manager) leaves to go test drive a boat for three hours. WOW!! Two Days!! Was told that I would receive base plus commission once I finished my four training exercise, I did that. NO commission. Later on in Atlanta in a New Teammate Orientation that there was twelve more training exercises I need to complete. I then started taking them. One day the store was slow so Scott let me take some of the training exercises on-line. The phone rings, customers come in, I went outside to assist a customer, I came back in and Scott Baker has FAILED my tests. WHAT the Store manager!! Come On!! Firestone also promotes a Hostile environment. I was threatened by an employee; I spoke to Scott about it. The employee still works for Firestone. I asked for a transfer from the store manager three times, no answer!! I scheduled an appointment with the District Manager Chuck Oertly. Once I sat down with Chuck he told me that Scott told him I threw my store keys at him in front of customers and employees, this never happened. I still had my store keys in my pocket. Don't you think if that happened I would not have my keys, HUH!!! LIES!!! Chuck also informed me that he and Scott had a fourteen year relationship and Scott Baker doesn't lie to me.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Clarksville, TN WHAT!! Ok well I am now telling you about the invitation for the butt whooping that Michael Hamilton mouthed to me in front of customers. I could keep going!! Max Patton is the service manager; he thinks he is God, FAR FROM IT!! He talks down to the customer like they are stupid or tell them the problem with there car is too dangerous to drive, so the customer is scared to drive it, unless it’s fixed. THAT IS NOT SALES. He speaks to the employees like we were dogs, you do not have to holler at someone to get something done. That is bad business. A customer dropped of her car for an oil change, she was called back by Max and told all her tires were worn and was very dangerous to drive. OK. She said to put her some tires on, she comes to pick her vehicle up and wanted to see her old tires, of course Max has left for the day. I escort her out to the shop to show her the damaged tires. Their was nothing wrong with the tires that come off the car. She was irate which I would have been too, beings she was told they were damaged. I tried to apply for unemployment until I could find another job, I was denied. I was explained by the agent in the unemployment office that I walked out on Chuck Oertly in our meeting!! WHAT!! I absolutely love what I done and would still be there or at another Firestone if this would have been handled properly. I know this is not going to get my job back, but keep in mind…. FIRESTONE WILL LIE TO YOU!!! Like I said I could keep going!!!

Do not get ripped off by Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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  • Ba
      Jan 30, 2010

    I was also lied to, I was a customer. I did have very dangerous tires and I went to Firestone at Mall of Georgia to get new tires. They did not have any in stock, They said they could get some next day for 169 each I could get what the manager called "junk" and for $250 each I could get tires that were safe... OK so they thought I was some dumb bimbo because I was female. I got some assistance from my brother in law who is in the automotive industry and we found 4 brand new tires that were of excellent quality and I asked if Firestone would put them on. I was told "yes" they even gave me a ticket for it. They were to be put on first thing in the morning as it was a 2 man job. The next morning an hour after they should have called me to pick up my truck they called to tell me they could not do the job, that their DISTRICT office called them (before 9am on Sat morning???) to tell them that they could not put the tires on my truck that it was against company policy. I called 3 other Firestone Complete Auto Care centers in my county who all were more than willing to put my tires on. This arrogant manager wanted to put me in danger by sending me away with 2 tires that were comming appart to prove a point that I should have bought those $1200 worth of tires that HE TOLD ME I NEEDED. As it turns out I purchased 4 new tires that are rated at 60K miles (the same as those he was pushing) for $170 each from a reputable tire company. Please tell everyone not to go to this LOCATION ever! Especially women!

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  • Ca
      Apr 02, 2011

    Just walk away when you come upon people using tatics like this they are not salespeople they are idiots. You do not have to buy anything from them unless you authorize the work. There are plenty of Firestone and other companies that employ honest sales people who will go beyond what is required to assist you in your purchase. AS is said just walk away and never go back but tell 10 people who will each tell 10 more and so on. But my only problem is you keep saying Firestone. It is not Firestone as a company in whole be specific to the exact location because I know several Firestone stores that have great people who care about their customers and do not catagorize all Firestone stores with the bad apples. Complain about it use the internet and go to the top keep those emails going out and be civil with the wording as the old saying goes kill them with kindness and you will see results from your complaints.

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  • Fs
      Aug 12, 2011

    Im a FS manager. Just about everything the guy said was true. We are encouraged to do the things mentioned. The place is to be run with an iron fist. Quite amusing.

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  • Ga
      Oct 24, 2015

    I have been waiting for Firestone Corporation to return my call and they have not. I have plenty to say to them and complain. Firestone can not change, since most Firestones locations are mostly privately owned. own, I have read many of the customer's complaints and they know how bad they do customer's..

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  • Ka
      May 05, 2017

    @gary leee I got an oil change in Daytona at Nova and Dunlawton, April18, 2017. They called me while I was window shopping the local plaza to come back so they could 'show me my problem'. They said that all my fairly new tires were wearing on the inside (they were), and that I needed struts in the front, air shocks in the back, and the tires needed to be replaced. I have a trusted professional that sells me my tires, and they still had tons of tread, except the inside 1" - 2". I had Firestone them print me an estimate, as I have several gear head friends at home. $3, 272.00. One of my gear head friends didn't see the car, but told me, "Sounds like you need an alignment". Coinckidinckily, I got an advertisement from Cadillac a few days later for an all wheel alignment, $89. I made an appointment. They said I was way out of alignment, rotated and balanced my tires (left to right as the backs are bigger than the fronts), assessed my 'perfectly fine and functional' struts and air shocks, and charged me $173.00. I want to tell everybody. They do this for a living.

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