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Firestone Complete Auto Care / fraudulent claims

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There are 2 firestone locations near me. The first one I went to was in washington pennsylvania. The guy at the counter was great. Friendly. Courteous and helpful. He actually gave me a great deal on the tires. Then he got my vehicle on the rack. He insisted my ball joints were bad. He insisted they were original equipment. He pulled me into the back and showed me the tierod end I know the ball joints weren't bad friend (a certified gm mechanic) and I replaced them a week earlier. All in all nice try but still not a bad experience. About a year later I went to the one by my work. They told me drop it off and they'd call me in an hour. That was at 10 am. Finally at 3 pm I called theem. I was told they just got it on the rack. Be patient and was promptly hung up on. About an hour later I receive a call from "Anthony Firestone Jr." Stating my hitchcock joint was bad.I was quoted 2400 plus parts. I said no, just the tires in the most annoyed voice I could muster. An hour later I get another call from the guy claiming to be anthony firestone jr. The guy tells me both my upstream kanuter valves were bad. He tells me im looking at 600 a piece plus labor. I laugh and state ill be there in 15 minutes to get my vehicle. He calls me 10 minutes later claiming my turnalotakis was bad and there was no way he could legally let me drive my vehicle from the property. I had. to threaten to call the police to get my vehicle. When I arrived there my vehicle was sitting outside. I walked in to see the woman who was there when I dropped off my vehicle. She had an infant and a young child. She was begging for her car she had brought in for a flunk in the right rear. She was told "We haven't found anything yet but, we will just go sit down." She had been there at least 7 hours. While I was paying a man about my age bursts through the door and demands his car. He states he just changed his tie rod ends and that he didn't appreciate them scaring his wife to the point of tears. In not such a polite way. So I was in the building 15 minutes and witnessed them try to scam 2 people and they tried to scam me 4 separate times. 4 you ask? Yes I asked them to put my nearly new rear tire on my spare rim they argued and while I was there they showed me some 14" tires claiming they were 2/32. I was at sears and they were 13/32 3 days earlier. I had concerns of dry rot so I took the new tire.

Also they charged my mom 480 to remove her air conditioning pump.

Sadly I do like the tires.

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  • Du
      24th of Aug, 2011
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    To begin, you are a ### with poor grammar and a severely low intelect which is probably why you lied about your experience at this place. Do you really expect anyone to believe that Firestone called you 4 separate times trying to sell you ALL the classic jokes regarding vehicle repair? To call you a ### is actually degrading to ###s. You are a liar at best. I would speculate, based on your ridiculous story, you are not smart enough to earn money to purchase a car let alone drive one. I have some advice for you. Take the short bus where you belong. It will probably save many lives.

  • Iw
      25th of Aug, 2011
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    I guess you work at Firestone. Actually, this specific location has been targeted by two separate television reporters. I took my car to have a wheel cylinder replaced. I asked that nothing but that part be changed. The guy behind the counter insisted I find a ride home. He stated that he would call me with an estimate. Four hours later I was shocked by their thousand dollar estimate. When I arrived with the police to get my vehicle the man behind the counter walked me outside. He offered to do the work in his driveway for 600. So, for 35 dollars and an hour of my time I was on the road again. I own an 89.5 Ford Mustang, a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe, and an 09 Nissan Altima. I make 60, 000.00 a year. Not bad for entry level. I may be lazy, but im

  • Iw
      25th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I may be lazy, (especially when I'm typing on my phone) but I'm certainly not stupid. I worked on cars most of my twenties. Do you think the general public knows there is an 800% markup on brake pads? No, they see $99.00 special and think they're getting a deal. Bendex brakes were $14.00 for front pads. They had lasted 5 full years before, they passed inspection. I sold the vehicle. Ive talked to hundreds of people who have had similar experiences. My mother, who thinks these guys are her friends, had a similar experience. You're obviously a genius. All your commas are in the right places. Please, will tell me the difference between a Canadian serpentine belt and an American serpentine belt? Why is there a $400.00 difference? Why, then would her Canadian air condition condenser have to be removed? Why another 400 dollar charge? Shouldn't the Canadian belt done the trick. Also, doesn't the door sticker have manufacture and assembly locations? Luckily, my friend has had several Dodge Neons. We gambled with an American condenser and belt. We just lucky I guess...

    See, I was smart enough to record the telephone conversations. This time when I called their customer service lines I actually had proof.

    These incidents happened between 1999 and 2007. Maybe it was a case of a few bad apples...I have not nor will I ever give firestone another dime.

    If you're looking for a fair place and courteous service, I would try Mr. Tire across the street or Napa All-Star Auto care a few blocks away.

    Good luck on your "Gold Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Public Discourse" bid for grammatical accuracy on an internet forum. I'm rooting for you, buddy. You definitely changed the world.

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