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Ok Fingerhut has gone too far..I ordered a RCA TV from them and sent it to my Daughter, her Partner and their Friend..for their Friends Christmas was suppose to be delivered by Yellow Transportation..while it only took about 3 days to reach Florida from up North..Yellow proceeded to hold their tv hostage..for 5 days they were promised delivery and told lie after lie until finally they threatened to have me cancel the order..only then did Yellow agree to allow my Daughter, her Partner and their Friend meet them where the delivery man "broke down" (btw we do NOT believe that story for one second not after the numerous lies and broken promises from this so called delivery service) yes, they ended up having to meet the driver to obtain the tv..I paid $100 for that tv to reach their home NOT be delivered to a public parking lot which btw I should add ruined their Christmas surprise..I informed Fingerhut of the propblems Yellow gave them and they apologized and offered me a (GASP) $20 voucher..I informed them I no longer wanted Yellow delivering any of my future orders plus I wanted a partial (at least $50) refund for the shipping if not a full refund, they have not answered my email..when I received their lousy offer (Prior to my sending my request) I decided to post a review I gave the tv a excellent review for my Daughters Friend is thrilled with her new tv, but I warned Fingerhut buyers about the crappy service offered by Yellow and informed them they need to avoid Yellow at all costs..well, surprise surprise Fingerhut refuses to allow my review to be posted..therefore I am now going to pay off my account and if they do not remove that shipping charge or lower the amount by at least $50 I will..they should be aware I am a senior citizen and have only a monthly SS check coming in so if I decide to forgo what I owe them completely they would be sool..reduce that shipping charge FH by $100..Yellow did NOT earn that money not with their broken promises and outright lies! It's your choice keep me as a paying/buying customer or lose me due to a dishonest shipping service who will only piss off more customers in the future!! Your choice!

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  • De
      Mar 10, 2009

    I have the same problem with fingerhut saying they sent me something and they didn't but they still want me to pay for it and not to mention they are reporting it to the credit company

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  • Ro
      Mar 10, 2010

    in feb. I was granted a $4oo credit. I charged approx. 75. on a PRE-APPROVED credit. A month later, I still waited for the item. I finally reached customer service, I was told "it was not appproved" I argued the issue eplaining preapproved is not pre qualified and it was a gaurenteed offer. she would not put a supervisor on line. I explained FINGERHUT was comitting fraud by this offer. which it surly is. Sadly I need the item but I would not give FINGERHUT one red cent and I wll tell anyone who listens how they are preying on people who need a break in bad econimic times PLEASE PAY THIS FORWARD

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