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Do not buy at Findlay Toyota, it's a rip-off!!! Dishonest dealers!‎

I do not recommend buying from Findlay Toyota. They are liars and crooks. Especially their internet sales manager Rick Glenn.

They sold the car we were negotiating on to somebody else without letting us know. Rick Glenn lied to us and he is nothing but a dishonest salesman, which is unfortunately what most car salesmen are.

I recommend going through car brokers, we got a firm and better price than at Findlay Toyota.

Don't give Findlay Toyota your money! It's not just the salesmen, John Barr, Rich Abajian - General Manager/Co-Owner, and Findlay himself know what's going on and encourage those policies.


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      Jun 23, 2009

    Well, technically you hadn't agreed to purchase the car, right? And if someone else was willing to purchase the car for a higher price than you, what do you expect?

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      Jun 23, 2009

    Well, you are wrong. We already agreed to everything and all was set to pick up the car. My wife was on her way to the dealership with $10, 000 that we were putting down.

    When she arrived at Findlay Toyota, Rick Glenn told her, there is no car.

    Does that sound like a good business practice to you? If it does, then you should definitely do business with Findlay Toyota. :)

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      Jun 23, 2009

    I hear you ESSP - it wasn't clear from the complaint that you had already set a price and sort of had a handshake agreement in place. If so, that not a good way to do business. But yeah, car salesmen are generally jerks. I was just negotiating a lease on a vehicle and I asked the guy to run the numbers at a lower APR. Instead of lowering the APR, he just raised the residual to give us lower payments . . . shady . . . we got the hell out of there and bought somewhere else.

    But anyhow, check out this series from Edmunds - confessions of a used car salesman. Very informative. Basically, used car salesmen are trained to assume that all people are idiots and should be treated accordingly.

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      Jun 24, 2009

    Thank you very much for that link Earlyboy! That is a great article! Everybody should read it.

    I am sorry you had a bad car buying experience, but you were smart to walk away from it.

    Yes, car salesmen, are generally jerks, and more. And, yes, like I said in my initial posting (and that is what this journalist of Edmunds that went undercover also confirms), the management and owners are even more to blame, because they encourage these practices.

    Nobody argues that the dealer should make a profit and people that work for him as well, but what's happening here is pure highway robbery!

    It does not have to be like that! So I think the more we talk about it, the more people find out the shady practices of many salesmen and dealers, the more informed we get, and the better decisions we make. That should change the situation with buying a car, not overnight, of course, but hopefully at least in a long run.

    There are other ways to buy a car, like local car brokers or Internet car brokers. They are also not ideal, but I found them to have better deals, with firm prices closer to the invoice, and less aggravation.

    And if more people buy like that (we are still buying form the dealership, just bypassing the salesman), then the won't be a need for salesmen attacking you the very minute you enter the car lot. And their tactics might change too.

    Our strength as consumers is knowledge and sharing our experiences. So let's spread the word.

    Thanks again for the link!

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      May 31, 2015

    I went to findlay, Toyota in Henderson NV, and dropped my 11 Xb off for service. 9 hours later after calling and reuqesting a status - since the rep said he would call to update me on warranty coverage, I still had a hard time getting him on the telphone. When I did speak to him he told me he had not had the chance to call about the coverage of the warranty, the mechanic had not looked at my car but the battery had been replaced, I told him to take out the battery since it would be 30 mn untik I got there, (upset they tried telling me the problem was the tires since the package was installed by Toyota before I owned the car) and then when I text him tellling him forget it I would pay for the battery issue, he told me the mechanic took out the battery already...[protected]@#$. I asked what the ginding was he said he didnt knw and forgot to ask the mechanic to look for that problem. Anyway I get my car - it hadnt been washed like the paper work said, they didnt weven take the wheels off to look at wheel hubs, bearings, my car was greasy..and the battery was never taken out because my steroe had all it's settings still (which everythime the bat is dead I have to reset my Kenwood). So all day I went without my car on my day off to almost get swindled by their service department. I am still fuming! What does it take to have a paid for warranty actually warranty the the part and labor. Seems like they do not want to even take a tire off with out scamming you, warranty work does not pay for enough.
    It's terrible. I will never buy another Toyota, or anything from Findlay. I bought the car from dealership farther away now from where I had moved so I took it to the cloeset dealership. Disgusting the way they behave and sickens me that something as simple as a diagnosis can be such a nightmare. I felt violated. Literally! And where did the 5 miles on my odometer come from? Lunch hour? Jerks...simple as that schistey!!

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