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Fido Solutions Inc / bad service

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My experience with Fido will lead me to never do business with them again. If you choose to use their services, here is some advice:

1. Get written confirmation of any contractual changes agreed on any phone call.
2. If this is not possible, record your phone call.
3. If this is not possible follow up with a letter confirming the details agreed, requiring a receipt to ensure they have received it, and making it clear this is now your understanding of the contract unless Fido informs you in writing within 10 business days.
4. Make note of the employee's name and number you are speaking to and ask them for the reference number of the call you have made, for future reference.
5. If you believe you having a disagreement and believe you are right, eventually they will reach for a supervisor, but be prepared to be on the phone for 30 minutes before this happens.
6. When they say there is nothing they can do about a billing issue, don't believe them. My bill was slashed by 50% and eventually wiped out after a 40 minute call.
7. If you have cancelled your account and Fido has not acted upon it. Ask them to check whether there is an unrecognisable "flag" on their system against the account. My experience suggests this flag means the account is to be cancelled, but few customer service reps seem to understand it at Fido and require a supervisor to explain this to them.
If you're interested in what happened, here are the details:
I have had a major challenge getting my Fido account cancelled. Despite making several calls to Customer Service and being lead to believe the account was cancelled, I continued to receive invoices. Ultimately this went to a collections agency. When I contacted Fido to discuss the matter the Customer Service Representative basically implied I was a liar, as her notes showed no such request was made. After 30 mins of going around in circles on the phone, she agreed to slash the outstanding bill by 50%. I refused to accept this as I had given instructions to cancel the account (and had not used it since) that were not actioned by Fido and I didn't see why I should pay for their error. I asked who else I could speak to, and the answer was "no one" other than accounts payable to pay the bill. Totally unhelpful and unprofessional.
After further discussion the Customer Service Rep, finally agreed to put me through to her supervisor.
I was left waiting for another 10 minutes and did not get to speak to the supervisor but when the rep returned to the line, she explained her supervisor went through my file and found a "flag" on my account that did indeed confirm I had instructed them to cancel the account. The Customer Service Rep had never seen this "flag" before and didn't understand it. Obviously, Fido's systems didn't understand it either and sent the bill to a collections agency.
After over 40 mins on the phone the balance was eliminated and my credibility with Fido was restored, while theirs was lower than ever.
I am now awaiting confirmation they have indeed cancelled the debt and informed the collections agency. I may yet be surprised that they stick to their word.
Overall a very poor customer service experience and I am left thinking I should be invoicing Fido for time wasted and the inconvenience they have put me through.

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  • Do
      11th of Sep, 2009
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    So sorry you had such a bad experience.
    I've been trying to contact Fido to find out why my text messaging has suddenly stopped working with the alert, "Message not sent! Try again later." Their tech support via customer service by phone is nonexistent.

    When I tried to call I got a recorded message telling me to call during business hours, even though I was calling within business hours. Another time when I did connect, they put me on hold until the line went dead, and this was for their so called emergencies! I am trying to use Fidos website tech support via email contact. We'll see if they respond. Their telephone service is totally useless. Sad Sad Sad service for a telephone company... guess the Fido CEOs are too busy playing golf to pay any real attention to customers beyond recorded messages.

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