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X10 - X10 bus not operating to and from the bus station at Newcastle.

My father is 87 would have like to have gone to Newcastle Christmas shopping to see the Christmas decorations and shop windows decorated.
Because someone has changed the bus stop the X10 stops, at Newcastle now outside the next shop, in the cold 5-10 mins walk from the original bus station. This is not a disabled friendly bus stop or bus. No disabled person can travel on this bus or elderly person.
Your best attention with this matter is greatly appreciated.

Desired outcome: A letter

My father can’t travel on this X10 or any disabled child!

Feb 04, 2013

X10 - product support/customer service

I contacted customer support regarding the wireless setup of 2 cameras. After 1 hour, 5 minutes on hold I spoke with a technician. The conversation lasted 1.5 hours and I was unable to connect wirelessly to the cameras. The manuals are very poorly written and contain significant errors. These "errors" prevented me from being able to correctly set up the cameras. The representative informed me they were "working" on the problem. After 3 days of frustration I called for a return authorization, the representative was very evasive and insisting the problem could be fixed. He suggested an upgrade with a partial store credit, when I refused he informed me I would be charged a 15% re-stocking fee. I was told a return authorization would be e-mailed...that has not happened. This company has a very "colorful" reputation with the BBB (F rating). The cameras seem to be well built; however, the support and customer service is terrible.

Mar 05, 2012

X10 - Bad product and slow refund

Purchased the new SC1200 X10 Security console back on February 12, 2011 to replace an old X10 console. The unit was advertized to be a drop-in unit with more capability (zones, etc) than my old unit. After two exchanges of units that had lower RF range and would not work with answering machines (tried two), X10's tech support said it was turned over to their design team. I gave them almost 3 months to find a fix then requested a refund. Now 6 weeks after the last return and after a "supervisor" promised the refund I'm told it will be another 7 to 10 business days. I'm had success with X10 products in the past but their support on this item has been the pits!


This company does anything to get an order but they have so many different confusing offers that they can't/won't find you the best deal you have to dig. I received my order and it was wrong they forgot to include a motion detector. I spoke with a woman there and I had to find the add on their web site to validate what I ordered or they would not give me the part. I had saved the page as a pdf on my computer and sent it. 2 weeks latter I called and there was no record of my earlier call the next woman I spoke with gave me the same run around but then processed the order a week later I called to check on the status and there was not order placed. The next woman told me all new orders get filled first over warranty I said this is not warranty I did not get the first full order my alarm system is not useable. Long story short 2 months later I get the rest of my order I set up the alarm system and it is up and running for 2 days when 1 of the key chain remote disarm buttons stays depressed now we can't use the system again. I was told I would get an RMA in 48 hrs it has been 2 weeks and still nothing. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Jul 07, 2008

I ordered a camera security system and upon arrival found the advertised quality was no where near the quality of the picture that I was viewing on my television. I called the company and received an RMA - I shipped the product back and this is where it gets interesting. I had to make number of calls and after 6 weeks find myself sorry I ever did business with this company. I finally had to file a complaint with my credit card company because x10 asserts I did not return all of the equipment. So I have to send the tracking number so they have proof of weight. I don't think this will end the problem. I will be required to send other "proof" in hopes that I will give up (this is conjecture e but my experience so far). Do not do business with this company - spend a few dollars more for better quality and peace of mind that if something does go wrong you will not get the run around.


X10 changed my order and overcharged my credit card without my prior approval. I have extremely bad experience with X10!

Amen brother! Amen!


X10 - defective products

The Airpad I ordered only worked for 2 months and it quit, the company would not send out a replacement cord they said they did not have any. So I purchased one on my own and then the Airpad quit working and it took 4 hours of being on the phone to get them to do anything and then they send an email stating I had ordered one of their products which I had not. Another 4 phone calls later...you get the picture. I still have a broken Airpad and will never order from x-10 again. Very poor customer service and crappy products


The company was X-10 where I got the airpad. Buyer BEWARE

Sep 12, 2011
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

X10 - Refusal to honor refund policy

August 03, 2011 - product returned via UPS with RMA
August 04, 2011 - product received at X10.com NJ address
September 01, 2011 - called x10.com regarding pending refund - was told by "Aaron" that he would refer my query to a supervisor.
September 12, 2011 - called x10.com again. spoke to "Aaron" again who stated the supervisor he spoke with 10 days ago was not in.

It has been over 5 weeks since their defective product was returned and received. They are not honoring their written commitment to refund within 30 days.

DO NOT purchase anything from X10.com - you will be very unhappy with their "service after the sale".

Dec 04, 2011

I uderstand what you are saying. I do not see how they can stay in business

I also sent in a return back in August and have not been refunded my money. They sent me an email about 3 weeks ago that said they were processing my return...I have sent several emails and tried to call with no results. They owe me $50.00.

X10 - Bad software

I purchased some X10.com cameras and software to run the cameras. I called and emailed tech support over and over and still don't have the software running and X10.com refuses to give me my money back because I've been trying to get it to work for more than 30 days!

The two biggest problems X10.com was never able to resolve:
Vanguard software: is a memory hog and brings my PC to it knees. To get the cameras to function I had to run it on the same PC as Active Home Pro. Now all the macros that were working in Active Home Pro no longer work because of Vanguard. According to other users on the X10.com forum they've never been able to get Vanguard to work.
MyHome software: I have a webserver running on port 80 and found out after many hours trying to get MyHome to work that it must use port 80. X10.com gives no way to configure the software to use any other port. My suggestion - don't buy MyHome if you are running a webserver on port 80.

So here I am stuck with cameras and software that don't work and X10.com support won't work with me nor will the company refund my money. BUYER BEWARE !

Dec 25, 2010

X10 - Rip off

I wanted to buy a DUI home security system without monthly charges. The pricing of X10 was very attractive, but the software is buggy and took multiple reinstallations to get it to work.
After I got it to work I realized it did not sent out an email when the alarm got triggered as it was advertised. I called them up and it turns out you needed another module (Myhouse online) to send emails. They sold it to me for an additional $20.
After installing it it turns out their module sends emails all the time, regardless of whether the security system is armed or not. I spoke with the technical support and they want another $50 for another software module (Smart Macros) to add the condition that the alarm system is armed.
The whole thing will cost $170 instead of $100 if I had bought everything packaged as one from the start (an offer that exists, but noone mentioned over multiple conversations). They are not recognizing their mistake and want to milk it for all its worth.
Their basic sale support was unhelpful at the least and I have inititated two higher level manager complaints, to which they never responded.

After recieving my order I placed on line for a remote light switch, I found that instead of controlling 3 lamps it only controlled 2. Realizing they sent me the wrong component I called to get the order corrected. After several calls to get a hold of someone, I spoke with someone named Bill and he told me they didn't make that componenant any more and would not send me a replacement part. I requested a refund but he never emailed me the refund authorazation number like he said he would. A few days later I called explaining the problem I had but to a differnt person. She looked up my order and said she would send me the correct part. This company has the worst customer service and I'm especially very upset that I was lied to. Their web site looks profesional but I would bet they're a hole in the wall company. Don't buy from x10.com. Next time I'll order from Amazon.

Jul 17, 2010

According to the notes on that order, my referal was sent to the Order Processing Department today so it should process by the end of business today. I will try to check later and see if anything was done. If it has not been done by then I will email a manager to look into it. After today, I will not be back into the office until Monday so I will not be able to check tomorrow.

I call today friday the frist person I talked to said it was isued yesterday moring and I ask to speek to a superviser and was told that no superviser was avable and I caled back for 2 hrs asking to talk to a superviser and got no superviser is aviable or put on hold for 5 min then hung up on and even got one womman that would just sit there and say no you can talk to a superviser I dont think its right that thay hold my money thay got there stuff back in the same way I got it and thy say 30day money back so why are thy giveing mmme a hard time.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

X10 - Customer Service

I bought a refurnished 6 camera security system with software to monitor the cameras via the web. There was no installation instructions with the system. Found instructions online; attempted to make everything work. Supposedf tobe plug-n-play bascially. Um no. Called technical support and was advised was probable a bad audio/video receiver. Returned the originalone and received a new one today. System still does not work. Waited 30 minutes on hold listening to crappy Christmas music and nobody picked up. Called sales and waited 15 minutes before "Jen" picked up. I explained I wanted to return the whole shipment at this point. I was rudely informed I could not return the shipment for a refund because the order was now outside the 30 day return policy period. This is after I just got done explaining about the malfunctioning receiver. So in order to receive an RMA number my request needs to be approved by a supervisor and I will know in 48 hours if they will graciously allow me to ship their crap back to them...

Sep 11, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

X10 - Rip off alert

After receiving the items (3 separate orders) only one of the orders worked properly. I tried for days to contact the company via email and phone before I finally got through to a person. I wa...

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Dec 15, 2006

X10 - Sold me the wrong software!

I purchased over $700 worth of equipment from X10. They sold me the wrong software, and took over a week to figure that problem out. After they gave me the correct software, I found that it is not totally compatible with my camera, the web page to control the camera is not available via the web, and the customer service reps are ignoring me 100% at this point. I have left a message and e-mail for the president of the company (Alex Peder) and have received NO response. You should think more than twice before purchasing anything from this company, once you receive it, you will be on your own!

Dec 04, 2011

I would never buy anything from them again. My cameras don't work. I spent two days trying to set them up. I could not get though on the phones for help. They said they could do E-MAIL chat. I said no. I get an e-mail from a support person that said I could schedule a call back. I scheduled one, he said he was booked that day. I sent another
e-mail to him to get help the next day. My e-mail was blocked on their server. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I called customer service, it took a long time and many tries to get though, on wait for 40 min. I hung up, than 20 min...I finally said, that is it. I asked for a RMA number. Jennel said it would take 24-48 hours. It has been more than 48 hours and still no RMA.

Apr 20, 2010

Here is an update: 4-19-10, dont bother to order this hardware. Its a crappy and not worth the time and money. The support sucks, they claim they MAIL me the software, and it didnt arrive like they said it would - guess what they email it to me! Its still a not worthwhile software. I intent to spread the word before someone else gets taken!

I purchased a wireless camera through x10, back in 2006. i had the hardest time installing the equipment. they said it was the video receiver. sent that it back twice got a new one and i somehow couldn't get it to work with my T.V. Some how after being countless hours on the phone with these people they didn't bother to think that is was the wireless video receiver. so now after years of trying to figure out the issue with the T.V I decided to get the software and run it from the computer. now i had to return the va12a adapter because it wasn't working properly, now they say it is the wireless video receiver that isn't working. so they coned me on $150.00 of equipment and now i need to buy this piece of equipment. it seems like there equipment is a bunch of trash and i keep on receiving the bad equipment. I have just had it with them cause i'll have to spend another $50.00 dollars and then they will come up with some excuse that some other piece of equipment is broken, and i will cost me more to run this wireless camera. They need to get their act together or stop selling the equipment.

Nov 10, 2008

The software is lame all the equipment does work that I bought but they need to get out of the software business or do not sell it all. The software I use locks up the computer the instructions say reinstall it but that's crap I know they wont give my money back so it was a waste I may by the cameras but I will never do the software ever again.

Sep 09, 2008

I want to add to this complaint. I ordered one of their so called PC to TV wireless products. They charged my credit card twice and then when I went to call them to return both of them as neither worked, it took 5 calls at 45 minutes a piece. I had to pay all shipping and they charged my credit card a second time without my authorization! Oh and the product, it the small fine print that you never see until it comes to you, it says it may not work if you have other wireless products with a 2.5 GZ. Helloooo! who doesn't have a wireless router for internet or wireless phone these days. These guys are bad news.

Aug 18, 2008

I am in the same boat. Called to get RMA 2 weeks ago. They said they would email it out. Nothing. Have now sent 2 emails to different dept.'s, still no reply. I have quite a few of the X10 products, some of which work, but will never buy from them again.

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