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Ye Yang account no. [protected], when she lived in Vancouver shortly she reactivated her long term Fido account there but used my mail address in Calgary as friends. After she left there, I got a mail from Total Credit Recovery Ltd saying her owed you the last balance $59.51, case no.8643172. I paid with a cheque as a friend of Ye Yang. Later, I got another mail from Fido saying it was a MISTAKE. Ye Yang indeed paid off the last bill prior to leaving. I called Fido and confirmed this and I was told to wait for the refund. But after half year, I received nothing. I called again and again, but I was told although Fido got the payment twice, Ye Yang but not I had to talk to you directly. It is a very funny excuse, no matter Ye Yang or me, Fido made the mistake and got extra payment, Fido should automatically refund the extra payment I made later back to me. You are not supposed shamelessly rob the former customer. Your customer service is only for selling more but not for resolving. Now, I am sending you an email, but if it is not straighten out soon, I have to deal it more seriously. It is not just about $59.51

Dear Hao Sun,

I would like to thank you for visiting Fido. ca and allowing us the opportunity to assist you. My name is Peterson.

I apologize about this whole situation and the way you now feel about Fido.

Unfortunately, the information provided are correct. We do need to speak or get into contact with the account holder in order to be able to refund the that case, that is Ye Yang. It is possible for her to contact us by email to complete the request. Also, the amount that will be refunded will be refunded as a cheque. Based on our procedures, that cheque will only be made in the name of the account holder. For that reason we need her to contact us to provide us an address where we can send her the refund.

We are sorry if this doesn’t meet your expectations but this is what has to be done for the refund to be made.

Should you require further assistance for this or any other matter, you may contact customer service:

First of all, thanks for your reply. However, you do not get what I am saying here. I already knew your theory, so you do not copy/ paste and reply me this way.
1. I am no interested in Ye Yang's account.
2. You should not care who contacted you or who didn't contact you or who should contact you. YOU GOT PAID DOUBLE, YOU RETURN ONE OF THE PAYMENTs.
3. Technically, You were able to ask for the money, you should able to refund it. You accept Ye Yang's credit card, and then you can refund her back to the card. Same you received my check, so you know my account and deposit back the money.
3. No matter Ye Yang or me, you should automatically do the refund thing without asks of either of us. It should been done automatically!!! Automatically with our call at all!!! this case, I am not the account holder. You received money from the "non-holder", so you should refund the money to me!

Fido's customer service is sucks and fake. the call center is a machine for selling and a shield for hiding.

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  • De
      Jun 23, 2011
    Fido Phone - Bad service

    I ordered a cell phone online from Fido, 9 days ago and they still havent even shipped it from the warehouse. I phoned serveral times to cancel the order or atleast pick it up at at fido store, and they allways say theres NOTHING they an do to help untill it arrives at my house. Useless bad customer service. I've had the same number with them for 7 years and they can't help...Think i'll be going to Rogers.

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  • Ba
      Jul 17, 2011

    Fido has poor service. You bring in your phone for repair and hope it will only take one time to be FIXED! Instead you still have problems and even with changing the SIM card it does no good. It is not the fault of the consumer but the defective phone. The phone (Samsung Gravity T456) has been sent in a few times before and when I got it back there was absolutely no change and returned back as if it was not sent in for repair in the first place! Fido says you have to buy a new phone for it is not their problem but the company who made the phone and they are just the middle person. So what are you (me)? If it was not for the consumers the companies would not even be in business. It is common courtesy to replace the phone if it can't be fixed. Fido should have a contract or agreement with the phone companies that after a certain number of times and the phone is not fixed then they will replace it.

    The phone was defective since conception and the consumer should NOT have to pay for a new phone!

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  •   Aug 05, 2011

    Hi Hao

    I am elise from Fido social media team. Could you please give me your email address so that I can look into this? Thank you


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