FashionNova / non-delivery of goods and no refund

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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I spent almost 300.00 for my wife In December and when i got a package in the mail, it was someone else package that was suppose to go to Ventura, Cali. So I called them told them i will be sending it back and they told me i could expect my package to be sent as soon as they get it. Well it is now February and still no refund and no package. They do not answer their phone calls, they are now giving me the run around, telling me that they don't know if they ever received a return package even though i sent them picture proof. I still have all the emails and correspondence from them telling me that i did everything i need to do and I should have my stuff soon. That was in the beginning of January. I need help on filing a formal complaint...maybe a class action or something. Not sure what to do here.

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