Fantastic Sams / poor customer service

Ocala, FL, United States

I've been going to Fantastic Sams in Lady Lake, Florida, for well over a year and have been very satisfied. I needed to have my hair colored and styled and wasn't able to go to Lady Lake, so on 9/20/17 I went to the Ocala salon on Hwy 200. I called ahead and put myself on the wait list at 5:00 . I told them over the phone that the Lady Lake salon had the color formula and that I didn't want to change. They said they would call and get the formula so when I arrived they would have it. This didn't happen. I arrived at 5 and waited about 15 minutes for a stylist, her name is Dusty. She took me to her styling area and asked me what I wanted to do. I told her that I was a regular customer at the Lady Lake salon and that we needed to call for the color formula. She seemed put out, indicating she didn't have phone number. I found the number for her and she called and obtained the formula. I tried to tell her twice what I wanted, but she kept going to the front and answering phones and signing in customers as they arrived. I told her that it had been a few months since I had my hair styled and that I wanted her to take at least an inch off. She argued with me, saying I didn't even need a cut and my hair was perfect the way it was. I thanked her and said I still wanted a good amount cut and wanted a stacked cut instead of layers. She argued about that, as well, indicating my cut was fine the way it was. She had a hard time with the math when she was mixing the formula and had to ask for help from one of the other stylists. While I was waiting for the color to set, I looked through some stylist books and found 2 cuts I liked. She said they were way too short and that she didn't even know why the receptionist had scheduled me at 5 for a color and cut. She cut one inch off the back and left the rest alone. I feel like I paid good money and didn't get anything that I asked numerous times for. By this time, because of interruptions and smoke breaks, it was well after 7 pm and I didn't feel comfortable asking her to redo the style. She gave me the impression that she wanted to do the least amount of work possible and that I was an inconvenience. Additionally, her hands were VERY shaky. This is due to a health condition that she told me she has. By this time, I didn't feel safe with her cutting my hair, paid my bill and left. Very unsatisfied!!!

Sep 21, 2017

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