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9-9-2017 I went to a fantastic sams salon in Kamehameha Shopping center in Kalihi for full highlights. Long story short after I got my hair done I left the salon. I got home and noticed that on the right side of my head there's a bald spot of missing hair. So I went back to the store and explain to the workers why I came back. And their excuse is that oh it happens to a lot of people and that spot is not from us. It was there when you came in and I thought you already knew about that's why I didn't say anything before I started working on your hair. But you should go see a doctor to get the medicine for your hair loss. This is total [censored] because first of all I know my hair and I always make sure it's all good. I check my hair on a daily for uku's and always wash it. And never did I see this spot.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Honolulu, HII've never had a scar that big on my head. All I want is to refund my money I spend. They said it can't be from the chemical but I didn't say it was from the chemical, my hair must've burned when I was sitting under that hair dryer thinging for about 10 minutes. I even had to remove my head from under that because the person that helped me was doing another customers hair while I'm waiting for her. I didn't even get her name she didn't introduce herself to me. I'm really mad at the fact that they try to cover their mistake instead of owning up to it and correct the wrongs. I am never going back to another Fantastic Sams salon. This is a real bad experience. I have a photo of the spot on my head that is bald. I will send it to whoever if they want proof. And if someone contacts me I have a lot of questions to ask. I want my full refund, I paid with credit card.

Fantastic Sams
Fantastic Sams

Sep 09, 2017

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