Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationunethical behavior by employee and was forced to pay for a bad haircut.

Sunday 11/25/18 time: Appox. 5:30pm. Invoice: 0014
Fantastic Sams Lytle SEQ #: 0013
19325 McDonald St. (FM 2790) Batch # 001670
Lytle, Texas 78052 Appoval Code: H67095
Ph# [protected]
Name of Employee: Danielle Chavez
Employee did an extremely bad job chopped off my sons hair. When we stated we didn't want to pay she began to raise her voice and curse at us stating she doesn't do this (explicit) for free. She also began to blame my 16 year old son and started insulting him and his appearance. She would not accept any kind of accountability or responsibility. I asked for the Manager the "acting manager on duty" He stood by while his employee cursed at us and did nothing to deescalate the situation at all. He could not even give me a number to Store manager Stacey, a Corporate number or Franchise number when asked. This was the most horrible, insulting, embarrassing experience we have ever encountered at Fantastic Sams. I have been in customer service for 25 years and I am a business owner, this type of behavior from any employee is unacceptable and is not negotiable. We still paid for the bad job just to get out of there. Money is not the issue A refund at this point will do us no justice. It's the principle of the matter that my son has to live with (her) mistake along with the insults she added to injury.

Nov 26, 2018

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