Famous Footwear / sales associate/manager

Yesterday 08/20/18 I went into the Famous Footwear store at 6010 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46278. As I walked into the store I was greeted by a young lady named Alicia (whom was very polite and helpful). I headed to the store to purchase bigger shoes, nothing in particular in mind, at the moment I just wanted any pair of shoes that would make my feet feel comfortable. After looking around at the different options and trying different shoes on, I couldn't help but notice another associate by the name of Stacy creeping up just staring at me and following me around the store the whole time. I am currently 7 months pregnant, just getting off work, struggling to walk on the shoes I currently had on, with feet so swollen it hurt to give a next step, so yes I was taking my time comparing my options and trying on all the shoes I could to see which would better fit my need, as I am on my feet all day at work. I did not appreciate being followed around the store, I did not appreciate being stared at while I am trying shoes on, I did not appreciate having her on my back as if I was going to sneak a pair of shoes under my scrubs (which fit tight due to the pregnancy) and walk out the store. I felt extremely offended and uncomfortable having her behind me every second. It was like a puppy behind snacks, every isle I went in, she was there just looking at me. To make it even worse, I was not the only person in the store. Other customers who needed help would have to go find her to ask for help, while she watched me. Alicia was at the register helping other customers, Stacy was watching me, and customers were coming to find her to be helped. At one point she noticed I was not feeling comfortable with her behind me and began to arrange boxes in the same isle I was in. Even if I was looking at the shoes above the boxes she would not say excuse me, or tell me to give her a moment while she finished arranging the boxes. She would just be in the way of the isle not moving for me or anyone else trying to pass by. For a slight minute she did step away to watch another gentlemen that was in the store walking around and as he noticed her, he walked out the store. As a person who comes from a family that owns a couple business I cannot imagine having an employee making customers feel that pressure while shopping. As a customer it makes me not want to go back, very disappointing since Famous Footwear has such variety of shoes and sizes. You would think that after making a purchase she would back off as that is profit for the company which of course benefits her as an employee, no customer purchases, no income for the company, no income for her. After I walked to the register, she went and stood next to Alicia and watched her ring me up, as if she did not know what she was doing. Very unprofessional.

Aug 21, 2018

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