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Consumers should have knowledge of store's exchange policy in clear view. before they purchase meechandise in your store.
I am a single mom and full-time college student living on a very budgeted income. My 6 year old saved up his allowance money to by a pair of Skechers Lights Shoes. (he earns $1.00 a day for good grades and good behavior at home and school )... On Friday March 7, 2014 I took him to Famous Footwear to buy the shoes, he was so excited he wore them out of the store and to the movies to see Mr. Peabody. The next day he told me the shoes had been hurting. I promised him we would take them back and get a bigger size... I was unable to keep that promise. :(
When we arrived back at the store, we informed the saleman that the shoes had been hurting and that he may need a bigger size in that particular shoe; however they did not have the 12.5 size he needed in the same color and style. My son decided that he would choose another color and style of the Skechers shoes (ORY Black/Blue 95910L Air tricks) which was a $25.00 added differnce from the shoes he originally purchased. He was again excited and put on the shoes to wear them out of the store, but when we got to register the same salesman who first greeted us upon arrival, took the returning shoe out of the box and noticed tiny wear marks and stated that: " they would not be able to take them back" I asked " WHY?" and that is, when I found out about Famous Footwear's exchange policy. The sales man showed me that the policy was located at the bottom of the receipt and highlighted the small print: "Merchandise can only be refunded or exchanged if unworn" WHAT! I was not only shocked that I had to keep a pair of shoes that hurt my son's feet, but I was very hurt, watching my 6 year old son cry, while giving back the other shoes he chose; because I could not afford the other shoes ($55) without the refund from the shoes he was returning ($30). The salesman gave me the number to Customer Service, who I contacted immediately; and learned in so many words that :
1) Their mechandise is important and the customer is just their means of making money and that,
2) My 6 year old son, was not getting his earned money back, and he would not have the shoes he worked so hard to earn.
Every Consumer should be given the Right and Respect to know any store's Exchange/Refund policy prior to purchase "Not After" they have spent their hard earned money, No Matter How Young They are...

Mar 09, 2014
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  •   Mar 19, 2014

    This is actually teaching a good lesson to your son.

    First of all, life is not fair. No matter how different you view a situation, sometimes you just lose out on things. Secondly, their return policy IS completely fair. Most places do not allow shoes with scuff marks to be taken back, how would they be able to resell them? Thirdly, their policy, like most places is located on the recipt. That is more than an adequate place to to put it, as most people do look at their recipt.

    Your kid is your responsibility. If you do not want to pay for another pair of shoes, I have no issue with that. I would say though, most people with kids, full time college student or not do also work. It is not unheard of. But don't blame that on the shoe place.

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      Aug 14, 2019

    Grow up. Would you buy shoes that someone else wore for a day or more?
    Stop using your college and lack of money to draw’s embarrassing.

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  •   Aug 15, 2019

    You pay your child for good grades and good school behavior??? What would happen if he was undiagnosed learning disabled or had ADHD or something? Wow!
    No one is paid for behaving in real life.

    Why did you promise your child such a thing? You should make up the difference since you erroneously made up store policy to fit your lot in life.

    So, when trying out shoes with a child make them stand up straight. Then press on the toes and see if you can feel them. If you can, they are too small. Children's feet grow very quickly (hopefully) and if you buy the shoes 'just right' size your child will grow out of them before you have gotten good use out of them. Also, make your child walk round a bit.

    Good God! No 6yearold should have to BUY his own attire!!!

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