Famous Footwear / Poor Customer Service

United States

On August 30th I purchased a pair of tie up Rockport Shoes at your Famous Footwear Store in South Portland, ME.
After wearing them only once, the shoe string became frayed to the point that it was about to break.
I returned to the store on the afternoon of September 9th, requesting a replacement pair of shoe laces, and was told by the manager that I would have to purchase them.
I explained the circumstances, and she stated that "we have never had a pair of shoes returned because of a frayed shoe lace." She then just stared at me for 30-45 seconds. Her stare became a glare.
I mentioned that it was not the $2.69 price of the shoe laces I was upset about, rather the principal of the matter. The shoe laces were defective.
The manager then just looked out the window of the store and handed me the shoe laces. No apology. No explanation. Nothing. Not even have a nice day.
I gaurentee that was my last purchase at Famous Footwear. You are not the only store that sells Rockport shoes.

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