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This is just a notification of an inconsistent practice for Famous Footwear stores and its website. Although the original price of shoes is the same for all colors of those shoes, when those shoes go on sale or clearance the black costs twice as much as any of the other colors. There is no accusation being made however there is not reason why this would happen. If the manufacturer had original suggested a different original price, and the stores would have complied with that in their original pricing, then there would be no issue, But when the original price on the box is the same for all colors there is no excuse for the price gauging of the color black.

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  • Fa
      Jan 26, 2010

    What a bubble headed complaint! Manufacturers and retailers discontiue colors all the time. When a color reaches the end of its life it gets marked down and sold off. Black is a basic color and rarely gets marked down. This is a common practive among all retailers.

    To suggest this is either stupid or dishonest

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  • Gr
      Jul 16, 2011

    I work at a famous and this is common sometimes it cost more to make a black and yes it is more popular than that same shoe in red, for example...

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  • Fr
      Sep 10, 2013

    seasonal colors!! have to get rid of one season to make room for another...or yes just a one time color..and you think ff is the only place that does this?? Its how retail works

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