Family Dollar Stores / only one person in store without manager or employee backup/ bad management

Salmon, ID, United States

I was in store 10121 around 4:00pm today 10/20/17 and Gordy was the only employee in the store. There was a long line of 7 to 8 people waiting to be checked out. When he was asked where his extra help was he stated that his manager had left for a little while and he was the only person in the store. As a customer and a manager of a buisness I find this extremely inappropriate that a non manager employee was left alone in the store. And this is not an unusually accurence for this said manager.

She is also known for bad mouthing her employees to customers and friends along with holding up lines by talking to friends for minutes when she is there and actually on a register. I am one of many unimpressed customers.

Oct 20, 2017

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