Family Dollar Stores / hiring practices at your new london ct location on 48 ocean ave

New London, ConnecticutNew London, United States

Im going to get right to the point, I have shopped at your family dollar store on ocean ave for over 15 years and have had no issues with the store I just decided not to shop there any more for the following reason about 5 or 6 years ago I believe its been that long a new manager took over the store which happens to be hispanic I have no issue with that this is a very diverse area the reason for me mentioning her ethnicity brings me too the complaint I have, your store has always been racial diverse at this location it is located in a racially diverse area, your managers hiring practices i'm questioning since she has been manager she has not hired any EuropeansAfricanAmericansChinese nothing but hispanics whenever the hiring sign is posted I know for a fact the young people as well as some older people have applied and this is over the time frame she has been managing the store she will not hire she will only give Hispanics a job if you walk in your store day and night that's all that is employeed at this location they are rude will not even greet you if your not Hispanic will speak inSpanish when you have English speaking customers not because they cant its because they are rude.It got too a point where a few people would apply that had a lot of experience in retail and cashiering not because they really wanted the job but too try to prove what we were thinking about her hiring practices wrong well to me she proved us right I need someone too explain to me how over 15 years you would have all ethnic backgrounds working together in this store and since she has become manager nobody other then Hispanic.I think a representative from your company should stop in un announced and go over the records to see who she has had working for her since she has been at this store, send in a secret shopper see how they are on the floor working and talking on cell phones or they don't greet you. As for me i'm done at this story and i will advise people in my community too spend their money else where they have dollar generals and family dollar maybe you own them too but ocean ave family dollar needs too be examined closely.

Oct 15, 2018

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