Family Dollar Stores / behavior unbecoming for a supervisor/manager

Soddy Daisy, TN, United States

Today is Tuesday, October 17, 2017. I have been a customer of your Soddy Daisy, TN, store for over 7 years and your long term veteran staff (approximately 3) know me when they see me and are always friendly and helpful.

At approximately 8:00 pm EST, this evening, I was shopping in this store. The cashier working was one of the long term veteran staff that I mentioned above and she was her usual friendly and helpful self and we chatted 2 or 3 times while I made my way through the store. In addition to her working at this time, there was a woman who I had not seen before, out on the floor putting up stock. We spoke briefly a couple of times while I was shopping because she almost ran into me when she was pushing stock out, to which she apologized.

I was almost finished shopping and at the front of the store when I overheard the unfamiliar woman say something to the cashier about smelling cigarette smoke. The woman then, very loudly from the front of the store, yelled out toward the rest of the store "If you have a lit cigarette, you must exit the building!" Two customers then approached the checkout and the woman looked at them and said "was it you?" They replied "no, we don't smoke." She said "Do you smell it?" and they replied "Yes, it's very strong in the back of the store." She then said "Hold on a minute..." and walked toward me. She looked at me and said, "Is it you?" I replied "No, I smoke, but I know not to light up a cigarette in a store. I'm not that stupid." and I kind of laughed. She walked past me (never going up or down an isle) turned around and came back to me and said, "If it was you then you need to leave." I told her that it was not me and she said "If it was you, then you need to go!" I asked her why she was accusing me...I wasn't in the back of the store, I was up front where she was. She said, "Because you are the only other person in the store right now." I told her "Well, I'll just pay for my stuff and leave then." She said "Now you don't need to get an attitude with me!" I told her I didn't appreciate being treated like that or talked to like she was talking to me. I then left my cart where it sat and walked toward the door. I passed the cashier who I knew from shopping there for so long and she looked at me and said "What's going on? Did you see anyone smoking?" I said "Well evidently 'she' has decided that it was me so I'm leaving." The unknown woman then said "I never accused you." I said, "you didn't come right out and say it but your tone and your attitude said it for you. I've been a customer here for a long time, you can ask the cashier, and besides I have never been called out and treated like this in my whole life, anywhere, ever!" She then started saying something loudly again as I started out the door and I turned around and said, "My first mistake was saying that I was a smoker and I'm gonna solve it all and leave. Don't worry chick, I will never darken this store's door again! You have a nice day!" I then left and drove 2 blocks to The Dollar General Store and did my shopping without incident.

This was beyond unprofessional and was just plain rude. I hope this is not the traits required to be a Family Dollar employee or even worse, a Family Dollar Supervisor or Store Manager. The gentleman who was or still is the Store Manager, is a very friendly, attentive and warm spoken person. If he isn't employed there anymore, then it is Family Dollar's loss. If this person took his place, then it is going to be Soddy Daisy's Family Dollar's demise. You don't call out a customer, speak to them disrespectfully and accusingly in a loud voice in front of other customer's and your employees. This woman needs to be gone and quickly. I can honestly say, this was the worst customer service experience I have ever had in my 59 years on this earth. I will not be back as long as this woman is employed there.

Oct 17, 2017

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