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Family Dollar


unfair work practices

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Family Dollar Store # 8234
1114 Maint Street West
Rolla, North Dakota
United States
Phone: (701) 477-8210
I would have to agree with this Greg Mattson, I was employed with a newly built Family Dollar store up until yesterday 02/03/2011 when I resigned under pressure. I have witnessed this done to a worker at our store, you see back in November 2010 I was interviewed by the District Manager of region 31 for a Store Manager position in Sisseton, So. Dak, in which I refused because I applied for Assistant Store Manager. When she had picked the Store Manager for our location I was called in for a job offer as Assistant Store Manager with the rate of pay being $ 10.00 P/H, so I went to meet with the District Manager and Store Manager I agreed to the position, later that evening the Store Manager had called me at my home and advised me I would be the First Assistant Store Manager for more money, just I couldnt tell no one. So I accepted it, I and another Assistant Store Manager were sent to Assistant Training for a few weeks until the store was to have it's grand opening, once we completed our training and the store opened I came to work and was told by the other Assistant she was picked as First Assistant Store Manager when it was to my knowledge I was already placed in this position by the Store Manager over the phone.

So when I questioned him about it, he was at first in denial, than his excuse was that she had 12 years grocery-retail experience as a cashier, front end supervisor, book keeper, I quickly reminded him of what he said over the phone to me and that I had recently worked for a WalMart Supercenter as a Department Manager in the Meat/Seafood Dept. and left WalMart as a Human Resource Manager/Training Coordinator/Benefits Specialist. He said no more about it and she was placed as First Assistant, in the mean time I noticed my pay stubs still stating I was making $ 9.50 P/H and not the $ 10 P/H we agreed upon, when i approached him again he informed me that the District Manager approved our store with 11 employees the largest amount of workers in the district to promote a Customer Service Assistant to be utilized as a 3rd Assistant Manager, so when she was promoted she was to make $ 9.50 P/H and she was making $ 8.00 P/H and performing all the duties of an Assistant Manager and this continued on up until she resigned 01/28/2011, she had called the DM several times about her pay which was never adjusted and when she asked about her back pay the DM told her she wouldn't see it. When she resigned on 01/24/2011 because he had her working 3 hours that entire weekend, he quickly hand wrote a job description for a Customer Service Assistant and posted in in the breakroom the next day, he put the deadline as 01/31/2010 but only to remove it days later before all employees had a chance to apply. Another employee was interested in applying for it but was on days off upon returning he knew nothing about it even being open. The SM called me into the office and asked me my opinion in who should get the third position, I honestly felt we didnt need it and it should be eliminated in order to give hours back to the employees, but he had his mind made up in who he and the First Assistant were hiring before they interviewed the remaining employees.

When I was first interviewed for this position I was lied to by both the Store Manager and DM about my title, pay and they both told me us Assistants would never fall under 40 hours a week, gradually my hours every week would drop by one hour than 3 than 4. In the meantime the First Assistant would stay at 39.50 hours a week, I was assigned to be the night Manager-On-Duty and the Store Manager fired one of my workers for having 3 SAER reports and another one for repeative Tardiness, leaving me one employee on nights, plus i was wrote up for not writing the one worker up for tardiness in which she was only late twice and it was during snow storms. Well with just two of us on nights we closed the store at 9p.m., I would declare myself out, count my drawer down and drop my pickup than do the same with my one cashier, after he was done, i would assign him recovery/facing duties plus sweeping mopping and bathrooms, because I still had to count petty cash and the nightly deposit, we had to be out of there by 9:30 P.M. or it was a write-up for both of us, the SM always told me to start recovery 4 hours before closing, however that was hard to do when I only had one employee at Night and when he was off I was by myself, so one night I missed the deposit by $500 and the bank called the SM the same day the DM showed up for a store visit, The DM had told the SM to suspend and terminate me twice before for petty stuff that wasnt a big random deal, well this time the DM came when I was on days off, upon my return to work I clocked in and the cashier told me the SM and First Assistant needed to see me in the office so I went there and walked in low and behold the SM had 3 write-ups waiting for me, he advised me the DM wanted me fired on the spot, however he was giving me three options 1. Take a demotion to a cashier for 15 hours a week (the least amount of hours of any cashier) 2. Resign from my job or 3. be terminated, i took all my keys off my retractor threw them on his desk and said I resign effective immediately, he asked if i wanted to sign or have copies of the write-ups I stated no and said adios and left the office without even clocking out.

In my opinion in the two and half months of working for Family Dollar I have seen retail at it's worst, I have seen them take advantage of their workers, no appreciation or compassion what so ever, they encourage cut throat behaviors and like it when Assistant Store Managers back stabbed one another, there is no humanity making employees unload a truck of frieght in frigid cold temperatures, not excusing family emergencies and writing employees up over senseless stuff. Family Dollar is not Family Oriented they could care less about their workers or their families for that matter the encourage slave driving tactics, threaten and instil fear in employees, they are all about the money, everyone is replaceable in their eyes, no matter how good of an employee or manager is, I know first hand that 3 North Dakota Stores had all 3 Store Managers and All Assistants walk off the job only a few weeks apart, now tell me the reason why and how come they cannot fill these positions. I need my job i have a family to support too, but not at 15 hours a week and you really think they care, HELL no 5 minutes after I resigned I was replaced by a cashier. So I do not think so highly of Family Dollar as a former Assistant Manager and my family and extended family will not even shop there again.. Good Bye Family Dollar.
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A  3rd of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
totally agreed to your comment thanks for that
N  3rd of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Totally agree, I work for Family Dollar in the same region but different district. When I started as an Assistant Manager, I had 5 to 6 full time employees. I now have 2 part time employees and they work maybe 20 to 23 hours a week, and they expect way to much on so little staff, and your task at hand is enever ending.
A  10th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
great complain
A  25th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
BJ, I agree with you completely! I have been an Assnt. Manager for Family Dollar for 6 mo. (in NC.) and I have experienced 99% to the T of what you did! My Manager in stills fear into us all on a constant basis. I have even caught her on a recorder being verbally abusive to me! I reported it to my DM who as far as I know, did nothing. I got the same pay promises as well as hours. I have been in retail & high end resort management for ten years, as well as owned two business. I had to fight to get $9:50 an hour, ( they started me at $7.50 an hour, not the 10 that I was promised.) but never see close to 40 hrs. as promised. I too have a family to support as well as paying child support. My boss tries every day to find a way to get me fired, but I have been able to stop it. But not with out personal cost. My nerves are shot. I am a resent cancer survivor. I see my doctor often. Since this job, I now have serious stomach issues. Because of the stress of the cancer and this job, my stomach is moving into my esophagus causing great pain and more weight loss. ( I am 6 ft. and weigh 127lbs. I was 148lbs.) My doctor is begging me to quit this job and says that if I do not and find a way to calm down that surgery on my stomach my be next. I am harassed by my boss every day. I get more calls from her on my cell than my wife, and you can bet my wife is not happy about that. I realized in the first two months that this was not going to work out let alone be able to support my family, so both my wife and I entered into a local college where we both got full scholarships to attend trade courses for jobs that will pay well and be a good carrier. I talked to both my DM & manager two months before class started, and advised them of my schedule. They agreed to work with me over it. now, just over a month before I graduate, my manager is threatening me that if I do not work the hours she says that our DM wants me fired! She said his words are, " I don't give a ### about his class'!" Understand that I am never late, nor do I miss any days no matter how tired or bad I feel. I hardly see my wife. With my boss trying to make things harder and harder on me everyday, I am having a hard time now keeping up with my class'. I am worried that I may not pass the 8 hour state test that I must take. I am almost 50 years old and I feel that this is my last chance to get back on my feet. Family Dollar is a terrible company to work for! They are abusive and have a slave mentality. The DM seems uncaring. He never returns my calls. I have gone to our reg. vice. pres. and not received any response. I have not even touched on how my employees get treated! They have all come to me for help and advice. All have expressed that they want to quit because of our boss. I have told them all that they must go to HR. and tell them, but I do not think that they will because they are afraid of our boss and what she will do. I also had the offer of taking a lesser position with a pay cut and cut in hours. I told her that I would not take it and that if our DM has something to say to me that he can come see me. I think that the only reason that I still have my job is that I hole damaging info on them. What a sad thing. Good luck to you.

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