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Fairfield Wyndham / I do not recommend fairfield / wyndham resorts to do business with

1 United States Review updated:

I too am 1 of many of people who have had poor service from fairfield. I bought my timeshare on 5/2003 in hawaii on the big island, 154,000 pt. Package, from vicki hines/sales. I have yet to be able to use my pts since that time and it's jan 2007 now.. They have repeatedly rejected my requests for usage. Its the same old worn out excuse: "sorry no time available for your requested dates."

I have tried booking time months in advance in an effort to use my pts to no avail.. They have deliberately, intentionally over sold the capacity of the system to allow users fair and timely usage of their points. They have been less than honest about the true worth and value of their timeshares. Just dishonest enuf to skirt legal liabilities. I do not recommend fairfield / wyndham resorts to do business with. Type in "fairfield complaints" in a search engine and see what u get for hits... Over 500,000 hits!!! And numerous lawsuits for this same problem.

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  • Pg
      23rd of Oct, 2018
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    Club Wyndham - Vacation club presentations
    Las Vegas, nv
    United States

    Kevin at ceasars palace aproached me about hearing a presentation and I informed him that I had signed up to hear from another company on 6/26/17. He asked they offered and then offered us a better deal. I then walk from ceasars palace to bally's and back to be told that he couldn't do the deal. I know it's business but dishonesty is not the way!!

  • Fi
      18th of Sep, 2018
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    Wyndham Owner - Supporting San Diego's LGBT Community
    United States

    In "Snapshots" on page 4 of the Fall 2017 Faces and Places catalog, we are told that Wyndham leaders presented $15, 000 to a center that supports the San Diego LGBT community. This is an inappropriate use of funds. Wyndham should not be supporting a politicized social agenda. Individual citizens can decide where their support belongs.

  • Wy
      9th of May, 2012
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    Dear Customer, Your experience is very common. I am an employee (manager) of Wyndham and in the three months that I have been employed I have seen and experienced the most unethical behavior witnessed in my 30 year career. The "hot-line" is nothing but a self serving rubber stamp to HR and for those employees brave enough to call...well it ends in harassment and termination. Sell your Timeshare is you can and speak out. You would not believe the number of guests/owners who are very very unhappy as are most of the employees. In these troubled economic times many of both are simply stuck.

  • Sa
      18th of Mar, 2012
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    I sued Wyndham and won out of court/ no lawyer. You can do the same, just keep after them. They are very elusive and have very hidden contacts.

  • Ja
      30th of Aug, 2010
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    I am not a timeshare salesperson but i do have a comment to make and most of you probably want like it.
    just about everyone on this stupid page at the end say and i went and got my gifts and left.also most everyone acts if they know the presentation by heart and what to expect laughing at it.You new what you were going for and all you wanted was a free vacation and a gift and to say no to the opportunity.I want say that some of the complaints should not be addressed by the company but as far as you going with no intention of buying you are twice as bad as the sells rep period you are terrible with little to do but waste peoples time and always looking for a free lunch and there is no such thing!
    no one can force you to join or buy anthing it is your choice and you also have a date by which you can cancel.If you cant go on vactions then don't try to get one for free and swindle people out of there gifts and stays at a lodge somewhere.I guess this has something to do with the prices going upm each year to help pay the maintinance cost of cleaning rooms and buying gifts for the free loaders and swindlers coming in each week to eat free and lay on the beach for 3 days.
    Boy what some crazy stuff

  • Fl
      18th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    We were asked to a Wyndham ''update'' and told we'd be given 2 bonus weeks as a thank you. I asked if these were RCI weeks like Last Call, with an exchange fee and very limited availability. The sales person said that they were. I then advised that we weren't interested in having 2 weeks like that, they really are no bonus at all, and have too many restrictions. This little gal then said OK, she would like to give us a $50 AmEx gift card to attend the ''company update''.
    When we got to talk with the gentleman, John, at Flagstaff, and told him that we were not interested in purchasing more points, he asked us why we had come. We told him, for the update, that didn't seem to be, and he just said, ok then I'll get your gift. He was polite and pleasant, but obviously, this was set up for a long hard sell speil and we weren't buying.
    Then the very next week at Sedona, when we checked in we were invited to a complimentary breakfast and tour presentation (that is a good thing ) and told we would get a new directory after that by one of the company reps. Fine. that turned into another hard sell attempt also ! We went through the whole routein, good-cop, bad-cop, last minute deals, manager asking if we were well treated, new offers, and blah blah blah.
    The info I got was informative but not good news for us, the consumer, at all, that is for sure. I am sorry that I ever got rooked into this in 2000 - we were at Fairfield in Williamsburg, Va, and our rep was a nice, great, friendly guy - Rudy . We adored that guy. He even lent us the $200 we were short in a personal check to close the deal. We did pay him back by the way immediately when we got back home.
    However, We were promised so many things from Rudy at Fairfield and none of them were possible when it came to actually do it. That, and we were charged a FEE for absolutely everything. Fairfield had it's hand on our pockets at every turn. I got very disgusted when I realized I couldn't even get a week anywhere decent either in spite of the pricey purchase price.

    It was a bad deal. Points is a horrible deal for the consumer, the least for the money, and the most headache to use. This is effectively camaflaughed and hidden under the large numbers used in the points system. It is mind boggling. Just stay away from this stuff. You can't even give your points away once you buy them, just look on Ebay or call any time share sales company.

  • Sc
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree. This is a way to give it back to these money hungry creatures

  • Ji
      25th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Timeshare fraud, deceptive trade practices, misrepresentation, false promises is a growing trend in timeshare sales. These practices are particularly used against the elderly. If you are an existing owner, you may be set up for a sale and not even know it. If you feel you have been a victim of timeshare fraud you can call 877-228-3911.

  • Ji
      25th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You can get help canceling your timeshare contract, even if you are past your rescission date. Contact [email protected]

  • Ma
      14th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Guys, I'm sorry but NO ONE can weasel information from you (unless there's a gun pointed at your head). Yes, these people are little "cons" but weasel info from you...I'm sorry I disagree. when they promised 60 minutes, I tell them up front..YOU HAVE 60 minutes and clock is ticking. I'll time you and you will have your 60 minutes..NOT one minute more...When that time is up, I'm out the door..If they give me a hard time of the "free stuff, " I'll be more than happy to increase the tone of my voice in front of all their guest telling them all about timeshares for a buck.

  • Ka
      2nd of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I too was taken in by these rip off salesman. My husband and I went in together and one of us was declined credit but returning from the vacation found out I have it under my name only on a CREDIT CARD that is instantly maxed out..I have called often but they won't recind... I am stuck with it..anyone want it..I just want out of it all together and will never partake in a short (4 hr) salespitch again. We weren't even told one was declined and it was a credit card purchase.
    Is there a way we can group together and get a legal firm to take them to court for sales practice etc.. Can we run them out of business or make them national news so stocks etc crash? Any lawyers out there willing to take this on...I bet you have many people who will jump on board.

  • Di
      29th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yes, Fairfield is a rip-off. You are pressured by the sales group who tell you lies, such as you are making an investment. I tired to sell my timeshare because they never had accommodations at the time I them, and the sales person informed that I would only get 3-4 cent on the dollar. I know I should have done some research prior to buying but I did not think all the sales people lacked morals and are unethical. The company is never able to assist you and I think that is a shame. The only way can learn how to use the time share is by giving them more money to take a vacation to learn how to use it. I would really like to dump this property and get some of my money back.

  • By
      25th of Jan, 2009
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    Oct-2005 Hurricane Wilma seriously damaged our resort. They not only billed us $1500 for special assessment but continued to bill for maintenance fees + property taxes for the next 3 yrs when there was a chain link fence around the property. My balance due is over $3800! They keep threatening I can't use my week...fine! Take the stupid thing away, please!

    No way I can pay those fees and pay over $700 for 7 days hotel + airfare to Florida every year.
    Then they offered to rent my unit, but no promises. Once they take their cut they'll apply the rental fee to my outstanding balance. Last time I googled rentals at Wyndham it seems that 90% units are up for rent / sale.
    Don't think I'll pay my balance or be able to use my timeshare in my lifetime!~
    letters go unanswered to Home Owners Assoc.
    FL Atty General forwarded complaint and provided us a spreadsheet of their expenses to fix non-hurricane proof windows + water damage + rebranding of our building with gray paint & new white balcony railings that the insurance company did not pay for in damages.
    Is this real estate? Somebody else can't live in a house that owes taxes and everyone in your neighborhood doesn't pay YOUR bad debt so why can a timeshare be used by everyone EXCEPT the owner during collections?

  • Un
      9th of Jan, 2009
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    I have been an owner with Wyndham for over 10 years. I went to several owner's forums and became educated on how to get the most out of my ownership (my favorite forum is ). Before the name change to Wyndham I used to recommend to everyone that this was a great company, even though I usually encouraged people to check out the resale prices on eBay and use due diligence when buying. Now; however, I have watched Wyndham rape and pillage from all the owners. There are very few benefits that they have not taken away -- and their fee increases in the past year are not only unethical, but probably illegal. Check out the following video from another upset owner:

    He does an awesome job of calmly saying all the things about this corrupt company that I would not be able to say without using a few expletives!

  • Ke
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    I just want to sell my timeshare. I do not have the time to travel due to various reasons. If anyone out there would like to buy it, they would get a good deal. Unlike whyndam, I am not looking to get over on anyone. I do think that if I was able to travel, that I would take advantage of the ts.

  • Ch
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    i worked in the in-house side of the sales department at Wyndham Nashville for 11 months. i thought the company and product was great when i took the job. i thought i would be selling something that i love, vacation, time with family, memories. instead i was forced to put on a show. our director os sales "Bart Bowe" said in a morning meeting... "i think i may get rid of the sales people and hire actors". SERIOUSLY. actors? this was the day that i mentally quit. i have complained to the H.R. department and call the... this is a joke... wyndham integrity line and they did nothing. i am now going to the state real estate commission. the people that work there are GREAT people they really are. well most of them. BUT they have to "play the game" or they get moved to other departments. in my opinion what they are doing is not lies. it is fraud. i wish i could stop everyone from ever dealing with the in-house sales side. the in-house side is the people that come to your room with your gift. SAY NO. the front line sales people do not "play the game/show" they just lie.

  • Ju
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    I have a complaint to register. I had my timeshare paid off, only paying maintenance fees @ 394 month. I recently lost my husband who took care of all the 'bills'. I went to an update and was forcefully talked into upgrading to Club Access. This removed my deed at Smoky Mtns. My MF went up to 565. I went to another owner update and was told that the CLUB ACCESS would cause MF to rise to 800+ in Jan 09. Scare tactics convinced me to change back to deed @Smoky mtns. MF went down to 509, BUT I now have a mortgage payment of 339 month. for 10 YEARS!!! I have asked them to revert my contract back to what was paid off. NO LUCK... GETTING READY TO VISIT a LAWYER. ANY HELP would be appreciated. Mistreated in TN, Judy

  • Ca
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    We were at their sales pitch for over four hours and they finally convinced us to buy. We understood that our saleslady would be there to help us with any questions and certainly our vacation needs. After coming home and trying to read through all the books of information, I was more confused so I remembered our Smokey Mtns saleslady giving us her e-mail and extention. We also had the new owners number to try. Needless to say neither one was a big help to plan our vacations. I could never get an e-mail response from our saleslady and the customer service dept. made me feel like an idiot.
    Also, this RCI affiliated crap is a rip off! I made a RCI weeks vacation and cancelled within 24 hours.I called back around 2 weeks later and the customer service lady informed me that I hadnt cancelled in time! My choices were to go on the trip or lose my points.They finally gave me my points back but with a whole lot of aggrivation. So PLEASE if you cancel within 24 hours, you best call back more than once to make sure RCI really cancelled it.
    Take these complaints into consideration before you buy.

  • Fl
      2nd of Apr, 2008
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    Just sat through the sales pitch. Much like a car salesman. Read the book "Wheels" and it will tell you all you need to know.. They give you a "one time deal.. especially for you.. don't know if my manager will take right thought this was funny...then the cute aggressive manager.. telling you that you would be a fool to pass this up..other guy stands and I would not be surprised if this was not taped and video'd...also if the little table did not have recording equipment on it like the book "Wheels" talked about in the car industry.. Then when you said no... he brings out the "we are having a contest my manager would be upset if you did not fill this out..." Lol.. Like I would put my friend's names and numbers on their sheet... NOPE.. won't do that.. sorry.. Then they take you to check out and oh Lordy Lordy, yet another high pressure guy with another pitch.. How about this final not interested...It was interesting to watch them work and I learned a lot about time shares... like NOT to buy one from the company... If I wanted one I would buy one from one of the otehr 25% of the people that they talked into paying 16.5% interest on the company credit card they would "give you"... this was hysterical really...that people would actually buy into these and fall for the "pitch." Anyway, I did get my $75 in food and my 3-day/2 night package (If I ever thought I could live through yet another sales pitch...funny) one of their other hotels. No mention of the "back out" time purchasers have to "cool down" or the fact that the front office girl told me they were already 102% OVERSOLD... which means that if you and everyone else wanted to use what they sold you ...nope.. no room.

  • Je
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    Please do not believe everything you read about wonderful Wyndham/Fairfield experiences. They are injected by Wyndham sales staff and Wyndham organizations. Check out 'Ben' and 'Glen' for example. If you have a complaint start with the Governor of your state and work your way down. BEWARE of offers to tour from Marketing Advantage and Central Reservations (one of the same). They are also affiliated with Wyndham and you will be abused.

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