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Man do I have a tell to weave for you. I will shorten it.

I am on my 10th account I know gasp in horror.
I lost my first account that was 10 years old due to me saying a joke was funny and 200 people mass flagged me gave me death threats etc for saying it. People do say give your ID and you will be let back in that does not work (not for me).

I have dealt with facebooks system a lot a looot and I know a lot about it now.

I lost one of my accounts (ID not working) due to an octopus on a man being reported not even kidding.

My most recent events have irked me the most. I made a joke at ISIS expense nothing bad you know that sheep meme meanwhile at an ISIS strip club I shared it 30 days banned. A few minutes ago I called someone stupid due to us debating he had no evidence and then he contacted me said you blocked me I win when he blocked me I have the evidence for it. 30 days banned.

Now here is the kicker in all of my accounts throughout all of this time I have gotten death threats, people threatening to rape my kid, people threatening to come to my house etc guess what facebook says about this not in violation of the rules. Welcome to facebook guys, oh and they will watch your PMs once you get on their naughty list and ban you for sharing something with your friends they do not like. I know it was not my friend reporting me it legit banned me as soon as I mashed enter she never got to see it and she had no clue what happened to me.

Yes, I do make alt accounts for this nonsense at this point but this is bollocks. If death threats, threats of physical violence etc is not in violation of the rules then me calling someone stupid on the other hand will get me banned.

Here is what I said verbatim. It is in one of the pics.

I wrote this for those watching the debate and shared the evidence so they would know in fact that it was not me.
I say go to minds(dot)com if you can.

If you wondering yeah I have a crap ton of screenshots over the years proving facebooks stupidity. Some are provided but I have way more than this. They are just in a pile of other screenshots and are hard to find.

If you want to know the lowest thing you can be reported for. I dug into facebooks reporting system you can be reported if someone finds something not interesting seriously.

One side note: Facebook has a system that marks your comments as spam after every so many comment you make within a time span and if you continue to comment they will log you out of your account and force you to change your password.


Jan 18, 2018
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  •   Feb 09, 2018

    They're on me like stink-on-[censor] too. But, because I have a following, am pro-black, and speak my mind freely. For no reasons they're giving at all, they keep limiting my access to groups. I guess they're having fun selectively discriminating against people. I've complained about others, and they tell me they didn't go against standards. Putting a KKK rally pic in my inbox (and all the moderators) because I discovered him hiding in my group and questioned him? If someone complains about me, instant group-jail. Before their new toy, they would just cripple my group(s). Not disable them, but cripple them so we couldn't see all the posts. Then, when I got out of that thing, for no reason at all, they put me back within hours of letting me out. So, nobody was complaining about nothing at the time. They have done this over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and now Valentine's Day! They are purposefully being disruptive, discriminatory, and using selective standards for anything at all. Because of my politics, my being radical, and someone not liking something. I can't stand f__kerbook. If I didn't mentor so many internationals, I'd sure enough leave; they're stupid.. I won't pay them anything for my pages, either ... which they constantly send me notifications for. I tried to stop that, too, but they conveniently keep enabling that functionality again. That CEO and COO are full of it during press conferences. Telling the reporters that they care about their over 2 billion users. NO THEY DON'T! They're just trying to suck more in, because the internet isn't regulated. When I found out what had to be done to get that to happen, it was a nightmare on Elm Street. What does congress care? They only care to keep their incomes going, and are letting the U.S. go to hell quick and in a hurry. I've been documenting everything, too, but don't care to put everything in this comment. I will make a post of my own. Good luck with these fools ... they're on a serious power-trip and think they are Gods, because government agencies no longer care about splitting up monopolies like these. It's all about business $$$$$$ ... they're not fooling anybody. They don't care about users, but like to play games and drive "certain" people nuts!

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  • Ro
      Apr 28, 2018

    Welcome to the world of the book "1984" where Double-Speak is the Norm> Native Indians said it best
    "White MEN speak w/a Forked Tongue" is more VALID today than it ever was> TRUTH sounds like HATE now

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