Eyemart ExpressThe 2 for $78.00 "deal"

I went to the Wilmington NC location to get two pair of progressive glasses. I had my own prescription from my personal eye dr. These glasses were going to be backups for me as I have an expensive pair that I got last year. I picked out two frames from the $19.95 choices. I then waited two hours to get waited on. When it was my turn I told the saleswoman, I believe her name was Sue, that I had a prescription and wanted to get 2 pair of progressive lens.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Southport, CT She then informs me that the frames I picked out could not be used for progressive lens. I knew better because I just recently retired from my job in New Hampshire where I was a licensed Optician. I did not tell her this, I just told her that I knew the frames would work. She was trying to get me to purchase more expensive frames. I told her I wanted the ones I picked out. She then tells me they would do that but it would cost me an additional $20.00 per lens to do that and there would be no warranty. I left the store. I cannot believe I was treated so poorly.

Jan 25, 2017

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