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Eyemart Express / 2 pairs progressives for 77.00

1 Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States
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ON Saturday Dec. 30, 2017

Today I went to one of your stores in Winston Salem, North Carolina. One month earlier my husband got the two for 77.00 progressive lenses special. He had a good experience and I told my daughter about it and mentioned that I need glasses and I have to wait to save up the money. For Christmas my daughter sent me a gift card to cover the glasses and an eye exam at a discount eye clinic across the street at the Target store (this store had no eye exams). So, I happily walked in the door of the Eyemart Express in Winston Salem off of Hane's Mall Blvd. The only 3 employee's of that store available were the rudest people I have ever dealt with when making a purchase. To start off, girl#1 made me fully aware that people with eye care insurance were mobbing eye care centers all over trying to get their benefits before the 12/31/2017 deadline and this store was no different. The store was packed with customers, no seats left, and several people standing. Luckily my husband and I had walkers with seats. Still I had to understood the influx. The store had a total of only two employees to work the floor, one to work the front counter, and the total of 3 employees were at no point all on the floor at the same time. The company should have been prepared for this and in this store they were not. I walked to the counter and was promptly scolded by the girl#1 working the counter to "sign in and wait my turn in order for my experience to go well". Then she said we're really busy today as you can see and signing in is the only way to make it fair to all customers no matter if they picked up or were purchasing or whatever, everyone had to wait their turn. Wow! I didn't even question as to why I had to sign in I just knew to sign in. Okay girl #1 was rude, but I told myself they are busy, way understaffed, but busy just the same. I heard the girl #2 employee tell a customer when she was called up for her turn, "you haven't picked out your frames yet? Go pick out your frames because there is a lot of people waiting longer now". Ok, really rude~ I think to myself. So, I would not be embarrassed, I too went to pick out my frames. (the two for 76 dollar special for two transitional eye glasses). NO one helped me at all like was advertised to help me find frames. Two different people were called before me and who also came in after us, so I went up to front counter and saw the two names under mine were crossed out. At the same time the #1 girl came out of the back and again said sign in to make it fair to the others who were waiting. I told her I already signed in and I told her that I noticed the customers after my name were called and waited on. She rudely said, well they needed other services. Wow! I said to myself in disbelief, that is not what she told me in the beginning, that it didn't matter the service all had to wait and that the names were called in order. So any ways, what I found was about 6 different frames out of a total of about 24 pairs-which were mostly repeats! I could only choose the frames for 19.97. If there were sufficient enough choices, I couldn't care less about the 19.97 frames, but there wasn't any choices to speak of. That was a big deal to me that I literally just had 6 choices in the 19.97 section??
You advertise that: Additional services or upgrades may change price of offer. Again, no big deal, it will be a little more costly, but still a great bargain. Again, only 6 frames to choose from, of which I found only 1 frame that was of a square shape and the best for my age and round face, the rest were rounded, tortoise shell, and bright red, which I dislike, and only to discover that the one frame I liked in the 19.97 drawer was for 29.97 and there were about 4 frames with prices of 29.97 and up in that section/draw, so really only 15 pairs now to choose from with a lot of repeat frame and color types, in which led to only 5 actual frames to choose from. (Please keep in mind: I really need these glasses and I am sorry but I have no other recourse, I can't see with my current glasses, don't have insurance except for Medicaid because I am disabled, and your company offers this great deal to provide their customers with affordable eye wear and my daughter sent me a gift card so I can get glasses at your company store, and an eye exam at a eye clinic at Target store across the street) So, I figured I would make it easy and offer my pair of frames I that came in with as one of my frames and since the only 1 pair I liked was 29.97, I figured it would be a good fair deal and work well for all, even though the store would be richer by 1 frame and I would pay the additional 10.00 for the one frame that I liked. (girl#2)-No, she hastily said, "there wasn't any way to ring it up that way and she can't give the 10.00 upgrade because that wasn't the deal and there are no buttons on register for an upgrade of any kind". I asked her I don't understand why? The worker said because we don't do that and if I could not find two frames she couldn't help me. I asked if I could choose two 29.97 frames for the 76 dollar special and I will pay the 20.00 difference. She flat out said NO! raising her voice yet again. "there are no upgrades of any kind". So, I said that's not what any online or T. V. adds state. It states there are upgrades for an additional price. Again, I calmly asked her to explain why she couldn't. (Mind you: I never got angry nor did I ever raise my voice). She said, "There isn't a way to ring up just one frame". I said but you can still charge me the 76.00 deal price, ring it up as two, and only give me 1 frame for 29.97 and use my frame to make the two pairs. Your employee became indignant and said "no that was theft by deceit" I was thinking to myself, theft? I wasn't stealing anything, I was technically giving back to store one of the two frames. I said how's that deceitful and theft at that? please explain because I don't understand. She gave me no answer and literally sat there and stared at me without saying a word for a couple of minutes. I tried to break the cold angry stare and asked if I could speak to someone else or a manager. She angrily said, "no, you could speak to me". She rushed to get up without a word, walked away from me and went into the back room. My husband and I sat there dumbfounded and agreed amongst each other that she was rude, but I held my composure. She comes back uttered words under her breath and said "well I am going to get in a lot of trouble but I will do it. I said sorry I am not trying to cause any problems, It's important to me to get these glasses to see. she measured my pupils I guess? and made markings on both, but my face is naturally uneven and the glasses were sitting lopsided on my face, I was trying to even them out, but she just readjusted the frames back the way she had it. I figure then that the lopsidedness probably doesn't matter (hope that's the case) and at this point I was really afraid to make her more angry, so I sat there and said nothing. I again tried to apologize and she said never mind I'll do it and get fired. She extended her hand without saying anything and I handed her my credit card, she went up to the front counter in a huff and then walked into the back room with the only male employee (he makes the third employee) she had grabbed his arm as she led him into back room, where I heard her raise her voice saying something loudly, and they both came out laughing and he was shaking his head and looking straight at my husband and I, say's"well we'll just have to do it I guess and I'll stick up for you so you don't get in trouble or fired"obviously speaking loudly so to make sure we hear them. Really? Is this how I am supposed to be treated by your employees? To say the least, I was embarrassed by girl#2mostly, I was treated very rudely and unprofessional to say the least by her, the male #3 employee, and the girl#1 behind the front counter from the start of this negative experience. To top off the experience, girl#2 says my glasses won't be done until Tuesday due to unexpected crowds of people coming in to get glasses and no exception will be made. I certainly did not want to further agitate her, I said okay no problem.
I hope and pray to god, that my glasses are made right and they don't"accidently lose them" and make me go through all of this all over again! I left with a very embarrassed, disappointed, and an uneasy feeling. I would like an apology and an assurance that should anything happen to the two sets of glasses or they are wrong in any way, that I get a full refund by which I would then like to pick out two frames that would suit my face and age appropriately regardless if they are 19.97 or not. (and I am not talking about the most expensive frames) that same day, so I will walk out of your store made whole that same day. Six different frames out of the thousands of frames you advertise is definitely not a good way to run a business or a way to treat your customers either.
Thank you,
Flo Crowley

Jan 1, 2018

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