Exxonmobil / extremely rude cashier

I work for a Company that takes care of electrical problems for all of the Casinos in Robinsonville MS. We have a Fleet account with Exxon Mobile for all of our Fuel purchases. I have been going in to the same Exxon store every morning at 6:30am for the past 6 years. My entire crew takes breaks there, eats lunch at the Subway there, and stops there on our way home. There is an African man that talks on his Bluetooth working there most mornings. He is completely rude ignores me and other customers. I am not sure what his name is, and I know there are two of them. One is older than the other, which he is very rude as well, but this guy he is very tall and dark skinned. I get the same thing every single day- 1 monster and a pack of cigarettes. He rings me up for the monster and I have to ask for my cigarettes about 5 times because he just holds his hand out waiting for me to pay for my monster when I am asking several times that I still need cigarettes. He completely ignores me and just talks on his Bluetooth and holds his hand out like the monster is the only thing I am trying to purchase. This goes on Every Single Day! I know I've about 15 or 16 people that refuse to go to that store because of him. I have had several co workers ask me what's up with that guy he is so rude. I also know of a few people that take their business to shell down the street. I finally had enough this morning and raised my voice after asking for my cigarettes for the 5th! Time! He bows up on me, snatches my monster away and tells me to get the ### out!! This store is located at the corner of Casino Center Dr. and Old Highway 61 N. I will never be going in here again even if it's out of the way for me to shop at a different store. And neither will my employees. Unbelievable.

Mar 29, 2017

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