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The station was unable to accept my credit card. I was unable to use one of my credit cards after trying at several pumps. I ended up using a second cedit card. A friend tried his credit card to get gas for his vehicle with no success and ended up getting gas at a Shell station down the street. A third friend, whose credit card worked for his vehicle tryed to use it for a second time for the second, unsuccessful friend, It failed. Myself and two friends (on motorcycles) had been riding all week covering 1600 miles with no credit card issues. The attendant said repeatedly, "It's the technology". When we went to use the rest room, I can honestly say I cannot remember seeing one in such filthy, run-down condition. My friend said he had to flush the toilet with his foot, not wanting to touch anything in the room. My email address is [protected] Please respond to this compaint, I have been a stockholder for many years and would hate to think I would have to use other than Exxon stations. Gas Station # [protected] on Whitehouse Street, NJ. Thanks...

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  • Wt
      Jul 01, 2009

    machines break sometimes, gas station bathrooms can be pretty dirty.

    these are facts of life, I am amazed that you felt so strongly about these two issues that you created a complaint and listed a resume of contact information. Nobody's going to be sending a letter of apology or giving away free gas cards because of your experience.

    I would have forgotten about this ten minutes after i left the station -- are you on any medications? Your sense of entitlement is off the chart!

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  • Br
      Jul 23, 2009
    ExxonMobil - dealer 4773032-par
    Exxon Market
    801 East Market St
    North Carolina
    United States

    None of the eight pumps have had receipt paper for the past several months. If you want your receipt, you have to go inside and wait in line for five minutes.
    There is a jerky feel to it as it pumps about one gallon a minute. So I'm standing there waiting about 10 minutes just to fill my tank up. This situation has been on and off but mostly on.
    The only good my constant complaining to the people that work there has been two free drinks. But I am seriously tired of it. The only reason I come to Exxon is because I own stock, but I don't think I can wait another 20 minutes just to fill up and get my receipt again...

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  • An
      May 08, 2010
    ExxonMobil - employment scam
    Exxon Mobil
    Kuala Lumpur

    I have received several letters from someone claiming to be Exxon Mobil seeking to employ people in the company in Malaysia. They are asking to obtain a work visa and any monies that the potential employee spends, They will reimburse. Iam hoping someone will look into this and put a stop to this scam. I have noticed that Exxon has put a Job Scam notice on their website. Thank You.

    Angie Brooks

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