Exxonstop gas during fueling while meter was running

Today i went to exxon gas station on the corner of alief clodine rd and eldridge pkwy and asked for cash card fuel which was written $1. 79 / gallon. Person asked me for the number on which my car is on so i told him the number and asked me to give $20 cash card. He told me that he open that number from station. When i was fueling the pump went off for 5 - 6 times but the meter was running and showing that i got 11 point something gallons. But my car indicated how much i can travel miles / gallon. . . 3days before i got $10 gas from sams club for $1. 85 / gallon and meter was showing 175 miles for 6 gallons. And those exxon cheaters gave me 11 gallons as meter was showing but traveling miles were showing 211. So i have to complaint about that station which they didn't even gave me the receipt of my $20. Just go someone and check how they r cheating with people by switching off the gas from inside gas station.

Jan 19, 2015

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