Expedia / ticket price/very poor customer service


I bought a multi-destination ticket on Expedia, and I wanted to change some of the dates. They insisted that they weren't charging me anything that Air Canada wasn't charging, but in order to change the dates, the ticket price went up by about $600. I thought, well, then I will just cancel part of the itinerary, and was told then that I would need to 'reprice' the ticket for that day. They did so and once again, with that one ticket now GONE... not buying a new ticket on a different day, but literally cancelling one ticket, the price went up by... you guessed it, about $600. I called Air Canada to see if there was any way they would let me just forfeit the ticket without losing my entire itinerary -- they said no, but that I should be able to 'reprice' it today without that ticket and it was actually cheaper than when I originally bought it... cheaper by about $200, but they couldn't do it because it was bought through a travel agent. I called Expedia back and they once again said that it was $600, and that the person at Air Canada had basically lied to me (which... i actually spoke to two different people at Air Canada who gave me the same price). I asked to speak to a person above the person I was speaking with, and ... I have now been on hold for an hour. The music turned off. It went to beeping, and then silence and now the music is back. They are ignoring me.

Jun 27, 2017

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