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My fiancé and I booked a flight and hotel stay in Alabama this coming weekend in order to attend a funeral of a close family member. Due to the fact that this was a sudden death, we did not have enough money to book on one credit card the insurance of the flights. However, we called earlier today and spoke to an associate at Expedia who claimed that we could split the payments for the insurance and the hotel stay/flight. After we disconnected with the first associate we searched the entire site and was unable to locate this option. We ended up calling Expedia back, where we ended up speaking to a supervisor who had guaranteed us that we were able to still book the insurance in case of any needed changes on flights due to personal reasons, weather, etc. However, this manager mentioned that we needed to call the insurance company directly within 24 hours of the purchase and explain the situation. He was kind of enough to compensate us $100 and provide us with the direct # for the insurance. When my fiancé called the insurance they told us they could only file claims. Instead they directed us back to Expedia to resolve this issue. My fiancé called Expedia customer service a third time where he was on hold for an hour to speak to a manger. This second manager was rude and not understanding in anyway. She avoided the fact that two of their representatives previously my fiancé spoke to earlier in the day (one being a manger), had provided us with two different explanations. However, both of those previous employees of Expedia indicated that we could indeed in fact split the payment to book an insurance for our flight. We also checked with American Airlines that mentioned that a flight change would cost us $200 a piece. So in the instance that we have to stay long in Alabama, we will be out of $400. The $100 that was compensated from Expedia from the first manager will not help us with that kind of situation. We are extremely disappointed and will no longer do any business with them any longer in the future. Expedia you need to train all your employees to understand your policies. We spent three hours of the day trying to resolve this issue instead of gathering the necessities we need for our trip. It was a waste of our time and money to ever book with Expedia! I'm disgusted and will be sure to send the message across to family members and friends who I know do plenty of business through Expedia! I will be sure that you not only lose the business of me and my fiancé, but of our family and friends!

Sep 16, 2017

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