Expedia / flight to houston

I was denied my boarding pass at check-in on July 23rd to board a 6:40 am flight to Houston from Atlanta. I arrived to the airport in plenty of time (more than two hours before the flight) and because of the absurdly long line at Spirit, I did not get to the front and speak with a Spirit agent to print my boarding pass until right before 6:00 am. I was told the window of opportunity closed at 5:55 am and that I could not be given my boarding pass. It should have been up to me if I made it to my gate in time, and from 6:00 to 6:40, there would have been a chance for me to make it. Spirit should not have made that decision for me before I could even get through TSA and to my gate. Unacceptable. I should have been given my boarding pass. I was offered the next flight that was not until the following morning out to Houston. I expressed to the agent that I had an appointment with the Spanish consulate that afternoon that could not be rescheduled. She did not provide any additional help. I had to book a flight through another airline. Will not fly Spirit every again. I am hoping that Expedia can reimburse me or offer me anything for this major inconvenience.

Jul 24, 2018

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